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Update in the Chaotic struggle between “Anime for the Masses” movement and the Megacorp Odex.

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The Megacorp issues a statement declaring a partial victory

Sept. 9th, Singapore. After the crushing defeat of its opponent, known as “People’s Action Figures Party”, made up of the members of the core group of the “Anime for the Masses” movement, Odex issued a statement late last night that “it was a great effort by the [Special Anime] Agency to punish the anime terrorists” and “congratulations on the successful riot-control effort by the best of the elite in the government”. It stated however, that the “war is far from over” and “we wish the folks participating in the movement would simply give up and surrender themselves to the Agency for re-education” in order to be once again “suitable for the living in an anime society”.

Our news agency contacted Odex’s spokeswoman, Special Liaison Onn, who told us that: “Yes, it was a good victory for the good guys, but it was only partial. We will continue our efforts in helping the Agency finding the core group of the Movement, which is still at large.” When asked about Megacorp Odex’s reaction to the alleged countermeasures being planned by W.ZERO and the rest of the members of the group, she spoke flatly: “We are fully prepared for any tactics these poor and misunderstood folks are going to employ. In fact, we have confirmed with the Agency that certain “mobile humanoid mechanical units” will be deployed in suspected urban sectors where these people gather.” She then added with a grim tone: “We certainly hope these anime lovers cease their activities and submit themselves to the Agency before more drastic measures are taken against them.”

Ray’s take: I’d say the mobile mecha units are coming out for a full sweep of the downtown sections. If I were the folks for the movement I’d get out of there ASAP. Last I heard, most of the people caught and send to the concentration camps…I mean the rehabilitation centers never came back. XD

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