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The Chaotic struggle between the “Anime for the Masses” movement and Odex in Singapore.

From news –

New effort promised by the Movement against Odex.

After the riot by the members of “Anime for the Masses” movement was broken up by one tank battalion nicknamed, “Panzer”, “W. Zero”, the originator of the movement, promised for a even more “active and aggressive” countermeasure against the Singaporean branch of the megacorp known as Odex.

Rumors have been circulating around the net that unlike your run-of-the-mill soft and moe-loving anime lovers that sit at home 24 hours a day repeatedly panting over episodes of “Potemayo” and “Moetan”, the core members of the movement have been plotting certain countermeasures against the “Special Anime Preservation Agency” instituted by yet unnamed figures in the government, who are, reported by members of the movement with their names and identities withheld, and some underground Anime Newsgroups, “very much in league with the megacorp.”

It has been reported that some members of the movement as well other anime fans in Singapore have been transported to special “rehabilitation centers” for “corrective education”.

Ray’s take: wow. I guess these guys are “serious” about what they’re doing down there in Singapore! What’s with the tanks anyway? I thought this takes place in Singapore and not Beijing! Geez! XD

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