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Shocking! The Chief Editor and the Dreamer of Anime Diet Found Together not in San Francisco!

From the Diet 3 Daily –

Bangkok, Thailand, Sept. 3, 2009. Our reporters discovered with much shock that the overlords of Anime Diet, Maike, AKA  Ikari Gendo and Jeromy Jagi, AKA Giga J, were sharing a bed together!

With apologies to the real author...Of course it's not real for us!

Upon hearing the news, Rayder, AKA Krauser III, was so shocked that he only said: “Freaking traitors! You guys weren’t even in San Francisco! You bastards!”

Maike and Jeromy issued a press statement: “We were just playing cards together and it got rather intense so we yelled in unison in frustration. That’s what men usually do, right?”

The yaoi fan girls in the Diet’s audience were ecstatic over the outcome and they hated Rayder even more.

“He purposely set them up and then sent reporters there, that bastard!” Said one Diet’s fan girl. “Just because he was jealous of how close his…uh…friends were!”

“Of course it was beautiful…I mean, a trap set up by Rayder! What a jerk for ruining a hawt moment…I mean creating a scandalous moment just for the sake of making news…Actually, that wasn’t so bad…” Said another fan girl blushing and drooling from her mouth while having a nose bleed. “No…That…was…awesome…Ah hem.” She wiped her nose with the last tissue from her tissue box.

“Thank you…I mean, that was terrible, Rayder!” A regular contributor of the Diet complained. “Let them be… I mean, creating a scandal like that…That’s…uh…mean…yeah, that’s it.” She said while wiping off the drool from her mouth. “They can’t do that…But in any case, can I have more?”

The fiasco for the Diet is currently being evaluated by the Seele of the Diet as we speak.

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