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Is Ikari Shinji gay?

From The Diet 3 Daily (formerly known as news) in The Diet 3 –

Sept 22, Tokyo 3. It has been widely reported in many news papers such as the Fujoshi Press that Karou the last angel has a thing for Ikari Shinji, but it hasn’t been confirmed whether Shinji has a thing for Karou or not.

“Ah!!! I mean, gawd they’re just sooooo hot together, I mean, like, did you see that time in the bathroom…iiyaa… And Karo-kun just like, grabs Shinji-kun’s hand, and he’s like, so ready to confess straight up, but he’s like ‘I think I was born to meet you’ OHMIGODOHMIGOD they were like so cute!” One female from Tokyo 3 commented.

The once mere speculation is now a full-on investigation by almost all the female Otaku in the Cyberealm and has been examined by various experts on Yaoi doujinshi.

“This is an interesting dilemma presented by the two in question,” said Dr. Akagi, who actually draws doujinshi in her spare time but refuses to elaborate her pen name or her fictional characters. “I mean, these two do seem to be quite close. In fact, I’d say Shinji connects with Karou better than with Asuka, who he lives with.”

Sources indicates that Dr. Akagi has performed several interesting tests with both of them recently. One member of the research who wishes to remain unnamed calls it: “Full-Cavity-Synchronization-Compatibility Test”.

Karou is nowhere to be found in Tokyo 3 at the moment and Ikari Shinji did not offer any comments orally.

Our sources are still investigating the details.

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