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Gendo ’08: A Change the Whole World Can Believe In!

(HT to Furu Anime Panikku. Transcript courtesy of the Diet-3 Daily)

Yes, fellow citizens of Earth, the rumor is true. I, Ikari “Mike” Gendo, am running for the highest office not only in the land but in the world. The announcement went forth publicly for the first time at Animazement 2007, and I have launched my campaign to unite not just Democrats and Republicans, not just America, but the entire world in a vision of peace, harmony, and instrumentality.

When I am elected, I promise to the American people that I will

For more details, see a detailed press conference I conducted.

I promise to enact all this within the first 100 days of my election. Unlike the politicians in Washington, I mean what I say, and I do what I promise. You can count on that. I will do everything I can to ensure that the people of America, and the world, are safe from tyranny (natural and Angelic), and that together with NERV and SELLE and the HIP, we will all fall into a wonderful future together. Forever!

I’m Ikari “Mike” Gendo, and my stunt double as shown above approved this message. I am in a secure, undisclosed location, and he is there to take any bullets that may now come my way. Because he HAS to. Or else.

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