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A possible solution in the anime war down in Singapore?

From news –

A temporary truce in the chaotic war between the Megacorp and the Anime Action Figures Party.

Sept. 10, Singapore. Just when it looked like everything was not going the well for the Party that started the Movement, the Singaporean branch of Megacorp Odex seems to be offering a truce.

Lady Onn, the special liaison and the spokeswomen for the Megacorp issued a statement earlier today at exactly 8:00 PM, Pacific Sector Time, to a worldwide audience through satellite images. Most people in the Asia-Pacific region were watching her from the Cybertron, placed in the stratesphere by MURASAME Cybertechno Institutional Corp.

“We have temporarily suspended our efforts in pursuing the anime terrorists and we’re coming up with a solution to both our problems,” Lady Onn said. “We have realized that perhaps we’ve made a small mistake in anticipating the responses from these anime-loving folks. We thought that once we show them the truth and righteousness in our case, they would surely respond in kind.

“However, during the recent riot, we have discovered that perhaps these people do not understand our position well enough.” She paused. From the Cybertron her face looked sympathetic. “Yes, we had our small victory, but we were hoping for a complete victory – by reaching out and taking hold of the hands of all these folks and walking toward a common animetopia where these fans can enjoy the whole experience of living in an superiorly advanced anime society.

“With our help, of course.” She added.

Our sources has indicated that the Special Anime Agency has not officially suspended their search in the downtown section. As of now, it is unclear what position the Agency is taking.

No comments have been given by the Agency. No one has been released from the Rehabilitation Center as of this moment.

Ray’s take: Well, I’d say for people who haven’t lost anything in the struggle, maybe y’all can give these guys a chance and try their solution. But for those who have lost something…well, don’t your breath. I wouldn’t completely trust the Megacorp just yet. XD

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