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Behold! Our grand plan of taking over the world is succeeding! Oh hohohohohohohoho!

It seems from Google Analytics that we really are taking over the world – with banters, ringtones, biting sarcasm, and Hirano Aya photos! Oh hohohohohohohoho! We have already taken over most of The Empire of Britannia, and our next step? The worrrrrld! MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

See this .pdf file below for hard evidence! Our territories are represented by green!

The evidence of us taking over this world! GHAHAHA!


I shall be Emperor Animes Gluttonius Assus Kicktus the first, and Mike should be Animes Literatus Nerdius the Prime Minister!
Eat your heart out, Brain and Pinky! Be extremely jealous of us, Keroro Gunso! My condolences to you, Britannians! Oh hohohohohohohohoho!

(Just a little joke to relieve your late night boredom)

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