Taking Stock: How are We Doing?

The new logo is just the beginning: there are some changes underway for both the website and the podcast. But before we embark on the new hotness, we’d like to know what you, loyal readers, think about where we’re at! Google Analytics says that almost 2000 of you show up every week and now it’s your turn to speak out. (Thank you all 2000 of you for visiting, btw.)

Specifically, we’re curious to know

  • What works in the podcast? What doesn’t? Are we structured enough or too rigid?
  • What kind of blog posts would you like to see more of? Less of?
  • What are some of your favorite podcast episodes? Least favorite?
  • How much money it would take to buy your love? (I keed, I keed…)

More seriously, as our site continues to grow and expand, we just thought it was a good time to take stock and figure out how we can serve you, the otaku, better as a website. We await your comments and/or flames…and we promise to take your feedback into account as we make changes! Thanks.

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