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Reminder: Anime Blogging Awards Nominations Ends in 3 Days

This is a friendly reminder that if you are a blogger, you have only 3 days to enter your nominations for the first annual Anime Blogging Awards! Starting on April 25th, everyone, regardless of whether you have a blog or not, will be able to vote on the top 5 blogs mentioned in each of 9 categories to determine the winner.

Thanks to everyone who has nominated us for various categories, including Most Thought-Provoking, Best Team Blog, and Best Episodic Blog. Your nominations are greatly appreciated and deeply flattering. So if you feel this blog deserves a nomination in these or other categories, enter it within the next three days.

Herewith ends the “For Your Consideration” pimping. The bribes gifts are in the mail. See you at the poll!

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