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Our Tokyopop Profile (and a test post…)

Hi everyone, as you probably noticed, we got a few review copies of books from Tokyopop recently! (Thanks, Katie. We’re happy to include you as one of our fans!) We have also been invited to open a profile on Tokyopop’s website, which promises to get us more readers by tapping into the Tokyopop community. Check out our budding profile, which doesn’t have too much material right now but soon will:

There is another nefarious purpose to this post, though: we would like to mirror the blog’s posts on the Tokyopop profile blog section via the feed. In order to confirm this, I need to put this code in: f7dd6465a3d79a4c874c78b73eb30cb6 . . .  at first I tried to do it in a comment, until I realized that comments aren’t included in the feed I’m trying to include. So there was no other way to do it except right out here in the open with a complete explanation of what the heck I’m doing.

So for those of you who are fans of Tokyopop’s social networking community, I look forward to seeing you there! Stay tuned for further plans about Pacific Media Expo (PMX) too.

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