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My Anime List: Have You Seen What I’ve Seen?

Well, after incessant urging from Ray and numerous delays, I spent almost two hours compiling the definitive list of (approximately) every anime I’ve ever watched up to now. Wanna take a look? Here it is.

The list is approximate for incomplete shows, because I sometimes couldn’t remember just how many I had actually watched. It was also hard figuring out which ones I wanted to indicate “dropped” and which ones were “on-hold.” As you can see, I have left unfinished many, many shows, many of them quite good. Some I really do intend to return to, some 50/50, some almost certainly not regardless of their merits. I also didn’t have time to fill in dates of watching, as a good many of the shows were shown in the first era of my fandom (1999-2002 or so).  I can usually pinpoint some of the ones watched since 2006 at least, when I reentered fandom with gusto and started this blog. Maybe I’ll adjust that sometime too.

In either case, according to the statistics, I have spent approximately 41 days (984 hours), or a month and a third, of my life watching anime. Thank heavens I’m pretty picky, because I wouldn’t count most of those as wasted days! But I look at the list just of the completed shows and I’m amazed. That’s an awful lot of TV right there…I’m a literary person and have sometimes been attracted to the idea that TV rots the brain and makes one passive. Here’s to this blog as a means to fight the passivity, I suppose. 🙂  

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