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MST3K candidates…what do you think?

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A word of explanation for newcomers: we are planning to create downloadable Mystery Science Theater 3000-style commentaries on various mockable anime in the very near future, which you can play along on your iPod or computer. We have already recorded one track for Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora, but are taking time to clean it up and make it presentable for y ‘all. In the meantime, we are soliciting suggestions for our next one below. –MH, 11:35 AM, 2/22/2007

So, the anime gods have been talking again (Kami Lina Inverse shoved a couple of Dragon Slaves up my ass the other day…), and we’ll be having some sort of survey/poll/anketto/whatever as to what should we do for MST3K in the future…Oh, we haven’t put our own MST3K track on yet…. Anyway, we’re taking any nominations/suggestions here, so anyone who cares to leave a short comment please do. Here are my ideas:

Eva – oh wait, it’s been done to death and rebirth. And it’s still going. No one beats the Evangelion Money Milking Machine.

Shinji: “Why am I on this cover again? Why am I still making money for Gainax? Why am I living this way?”

Rahxephon – Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah I’m gonna go for the Eva Clone.

I just wanna hook up with my teenage girlfriend after she turns into a mature babe.

Bobobo – Beavis: “bo~bobo~bobo~bobobo~bobobobobobobo~bobo~bobo~bobobo…higher!”

Hahaha! Afro Saiyan powaaaaaa!

Gundam Wing – Man, Heero Yui is the Japanese man of steel – even with a giant machine exploding right under his feet he’s still in one piece!

And all I got was a scratch!

Gundam Seed/Destiny – I think this is the thousandth time that particular Jinn has been blown up at that exact spot by that one blast.

Pedestrian Shinn

Initial D – I really love the car talk. That’s right. It’s more excitiing then the car race and it doesn’t break up the continuity of the plot – there’s a plot?

Now where’s that hentai site?

And a personal favorite: To Heart. – no, of course Akari never says anything remotely close to jealousy-like. After all, the main guy (oh yeah he has a name – like I cared) is only trying to help every girl out.

Oh, hi Akari…Uh, it’s not what you think…What are you doing with that Big F’ing Gun? AHHHH!!!

(Bad End)

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