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Arise, Diet 3!


From The Diet 3 Daily (formerly known as news) in The Diet 3 –

Sept 22, The City of Diet 3. After a long and gruel process of reconstruction, The City of Diet 3 (henceforth known as The Diet 3), which will serve as mankind’s newest hope against Angel invasion, is finally complete.

“It was a difficult and often times heart-wrenching process, ” said Ikari “Mike” Gendo. “However, we have managed to overcome all difficulties and here we are, ready to protect and especially to serve all the denizens in the Cyberealm, which include our very own 50 faithful former citizens of The Diet 2, and now proud citizens of The Diet 3.

“We could not have done it without all your support. Thank you, citizens of Cyberealm.”

From what can be seen on his face, which his hands prop up under the nose, “Mike” seems relieved.

“Oh boy, this was a tough one,” said Dr. Akagi. “Moving billions and billions of codes from MAGI Minor at Diet 2 to MAGI Major at Diet 3 was no easy task. I’m exhausted.

“And what’s next? Vacation? Oh no, more research work. OK Shinji, get on all fours and let’s begin the full-cavity-compatibility test…”

Ikari Shinji offered no verbal comments.

Please take note that Diet 2 has officially ceased functioning. A copy of the archives is still there but for all intends and purposes, please come to The Diet 3. In case of Angel attacks, please head toward designated shelters as assigned by Nerv.

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