Site icon Anime Diet Move: More Details

This is another reminder that we move to tomorrow, and that this site is closed to comments at 5 PM Pacific Time (8 PM Eastern). We anticipate opening the new site by 11:59 PM Pacific Time (2:59 AM Eastern), and quite possibly earlier. A final announcement will be made at this address when the new site is ready. The site will remain up for at least two more weeks after Friday, and then probably shut down altogether.

For those who have linked to us: We’re not allowed to redirect your links as originally planned. So for those who have direct links to specific articles, and who wish to refer to them in the future, simply delete “animeblogger” from your URLs. I found a way to preserve the same archive structure; each article has the same archive numbers. In fact for most any except the newest articles, it already works.

Thanks again everyone. Hope to see you all on the other side tomorrow!

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