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Anime and Manga Bloggers For Japan: Please Join Us.

Anime and Manga Bloggers for Japan Link

Most of you are no doubt aware of the tragic situation happening in Japan. If you want to help out, please join us with the growing list of anime and manga bloggers in joining Daniella of allaboutmanga‘s drive to raise money for Doctors Without Borders and Shelterbox. Both charities are well-regarded and are already on the ground in Japan, doing their essential work for the people who need it most. Please help especially if you are a blogger yourself: spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, and other networks too! As a community, this is our moment to band together and give back to the country whose culture has enriched our lives so much.

You can find out more at the newly open website for the campaign at

Keep checking the site as there will be many updates to come in the next few days! Let me or Daniella know, or leave a comment on the guestbook if you are a blogger that has donated, so we can add you to the honor roll.

Thanks. Please donate as much as you can to this important cause.

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