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100 Votes…and the Quest for the 500th Commenter!

We just passed a milestone of sorts: 100 people have voted in the last poll we put up (on how you get your anime). Thank you and congratulations, whoever you are! The system only tells us your IP, so you must remain only a “Guest.” Well, you are a honored and welcome guest to our humble website. (EDIT: congratulations from Ray who’s standing in the center of the world with the Eva theme song playing slowly…XD)

And you also gave us an idea. We are rapidly approaching the 500th comment or pingback on this site! To celebrate that milestone, we’d like to reward the person who gives the 500th comment or linkback to our site with some valuable prizes. You will get a prize from one of us, Ray or Mike, a prize that reflects who we are. The prize will be revealed when the commenter is found.

So. Post and link away. Operators are standing by!

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