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A big thanks to everyone of you as I look back for the past year…

So, guess what? This blog is now 1 year old.

I remember back in last September when this site was first up, Mike and I were just putting it up for fun. He really wanted to blog about Welcome to N.H.K, and I just wanted to do something with my best friend. So we put this thing up. In the beginning, we both really didn’t care if people visited at all; not that we don’t want you folks around, we do, it’s just that in the beginning we were just doing this so that we can do something as a team and also do something we’re both interested. Since he lives in CA and I live in Taiwan, it’s hard to hang out and watch anime together.

In any event, I basically said that I wasn’t going to write anything, because I’m lazy and I’ve never kept up with a diary, and I figured that blogging is like writing a diary. I told him that I would be happy to do the podcast.

Boy, our first podcast was simply terrible. I had to use my old laptop speaker and the sound was just horrible with scratches and volume issues because I couldn’t do the settings right.

Later, Mike got me a headset made for Skype use from Logitech, so from that point on we finally got it rolling.

After some time, I guess I decided to write something. I can’t even remember my first post. But it was pretty bad, I’m sure of it. I think I was bitingly sarcastic without any restraint.

Maetro from approved us and we got on to one of the best if not the best anime blogging platforms out there. We also got listed on Anime Nano. That’s when we started getting more regular comments.

However, it really didn’t strike me how much we were getting noticed and read until we installed Google Analytics.

No, we’re not big at all. Yes, we’re still pretty new. We don’t get like steadily 3000 hits daily like Random Curiosity or THAT anime blog, but guess what? We have y’all faithful folks who read regularly. No, we don’t get 50+ comments of: “cool!” “great, I can’t wait!” “o_____O” or the like (we do appreciate these when we get them – well, I really don’t appreciate short synonyms that basically tells me that a commeter has ADD but still insisting on that I know about it), but when we do get comments, we often get a minor discussion and exchange of ideas going, which is what Mike wanted.

He’s much calmer and nicer and serious, I’m rather sharp like a katana and my comments and talk can bite like acid drops, and I hate being serious about anime. It’s an odd combo we got going here.

In any event,  we just wanna thank y’all for following us for a long time, coming aboard for the first time, liking us, hating us, despising us, admiring us for what we do, and we really appreciate it when you tell us that you feel inspired to start your own podcast or whatever else related to what we’re doing here. Please, don’t hesitate to leave comments or email us and ask about doing a podcast. I’ll give out one tip before I shut up and prepare for the audio column (Jeremy, our latest addition to the blog but a long time favorite co-host for the podcast, hasn’t put up his yet) – Find a partner who looks at things, not just anime, from a different angle. We collectively found out that if each of us does a podcast by himself, the result would be much less dynamic and possibly very, very boring. If you have to do one by yourself, take the time and use a recording program, a very simple one if you want, and try to edit it and put in some sound effects and music if you can. Here’s a link to get you started:

Anyway, yeah I know the post is tl; (you) dr.  Once again, a big thank you to you all. Looking forward to another year of anime blogging and the ’07 Fall season!
BTW, how do you like our site? Or what is it that you don’t like about it?

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