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8,151 people served, with many more hopefully satisfied in some way…

[Note: this is not the usual biting sarcastic me, so if you think you won’t be interested please change the station.]

I’m rather surprised and happy how many folks have come to our site and perhaps enjoyed some of the contents. Now before you say: “Oh shit, he’s going to give a weepy touchy-feely speech!” Let me just say that even being the Ma-Oh (Demon King) of Cynicism, I cannot help but thank people for actually reading my stuff and downloading the ringtones and wall papers I made. I’m not surprised if you enjoyed Mike’s and recently, Fred’s articles, because these guys can write, especially Mike.

One time, one of my best friends since high school had to go to the dentist, and he was on a lot of painkillers for some time, and he wrote a very touching email about how much he appreciates all his friends. He of course regretted writing it after the drugs wore off (if he were a girl he’d be a perfect tsundere). But you know, that’s how I feel right now (yes, I’ve been drinking).

For however infinitely little it’s probably worth to you guys (and otaku) and ladies (and female otaku), I’m touched and I appreciate everyone of you visiting, even if some by pure accident. Many of you good folks will probably never read this entry, and many more of you will probably say: “He’s just trying for the sympathetic angle. That’s just disgusting.” But I just wanna say, without your support we’d high tailed it outta here long ago and we’d say: “Fuck it, we don’t give a shit any more.”

I do apologize if you’ve heard that speech a trillion times before and have gotten sick and tired of it long ago. But I appreciate all your readings and comments and votes and downloads, and whatever else anyway.

I’m probably not going to post much for a few days (sorry, even I get a little burned out) but do not fear, I’ll be back soon (I’ll definitely post about Claymore and probably El Cazador before I resume my rest). After all, I do feel like I want to help make some people laugh or at least think.

Even if all I can do is tell a cheesy joke, write a silly comments or two, or do my best to write a decent review that doesn’t bomb and fall into pure sarcasm and cynicism.

(Please don’t ask me about this tomorrow, I’m pretty sure I won’t remember that I wrote anything today anyway…)

Good day (or good night here in Taiwan) folks! And enjoy your stay!

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