3 May’N fans from Japan and their goods

We met 3 people from Japan who were purely fans of May’N’s singing (lol) and told us them were not otakus. Well, they would know that, eh? In case, below are some of their wares and a couple of them even wored some wares.

2 thoughts on “3 May’N fans from Japan and their goods

  1. I just admire and bow down to their dedication and devotion for May’N. They are the true 部員(Buin) from Japan. Yet, I think there were much more Sheryl Nome fans than May’N fans at AX.

    May’N is awesome. We cal tell how awesome she is by encountering hardcore fans.

    1. May’N’s got a great voice and live presence. In person, I got the feeling that she’s probably a decently fun gal to hang out with. Kinda young, though.

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