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3-D must be crazy. Part 1: War On Skinship.

It is good for a man not to touch a woman. – St. Paul

The world is such a crazy place. This world is still run by violent demonic males in a form of religious extremism. Theo Van Gogh‘s assassination. And since the New Year, such as Coptic bombing, and murder of Uganda’s gay activist. Intolerance is spreading like fire.

Speaking of intolerance, Japan is the worst place for skinship among the developed countries. Religious extremism in Japan has long killed skinship after the Meiji Restoration (1868), especially, during the Taisho period (1912 – 1926). Under European colonialist Christian influence, national shintoism, i.e., emperor cult, has killed skinship. Just like that opera, The Mikado, in which skinship was a capital offense. As a result, Japan now becomes too misophobic. A nation of skinship intolerance. Just a small physical contact will throw a panic attack on them. That’s why indirect skinship becomes huge, like an indirect kiss, drinking a can juice that someone has already opened, especially your crush. In America, that’s no big deal at all.

In that regard, America is of course better than Japan, but since the 80s, intolerance is on the rise. It is cutting people off from skinship by spreading fear of STD. Abstinence education is perpetuating America like that movie, Mean Girls. A PE teacher tells students, “But if you do touch each other, you will get chlamydia… and die.” So, no skinship, period. America has been under fundamentalism, someday turning into the Middle East.

Over there, skinship is out of question. Women are all covered up, as if the veil repels any kind of physical contact. They don’t show any part of the skin, including their faces like Taliban women. If girls flash their boobs in these countries, they would be stoned to death like The Stoning of Soraya M. That’s what jihad is. Holy war is indeed War On Skinship. Just like that English opera, the Mikado issued a fatwa on skinship. And we’re seeing a bunch of Mikado today. In someway, that opera was prophetic.

These fundamentalists claim that all “wise men” fought skinship. One example is the Buddhist monastic code, the first article is “thou shall not have sex.” Otherwise, you’re defeated, in other words, expelled from sangha, i.e., excommunication. Gautama Siddhartha turned down three seductive girls and attained enlightenment, thus became the Buddha. Otaku fundamentalists claim to have mastered Goshin (self-defense), so they don’t get distracted by 3-D girls, abandoning skinship all together. The iron curtain between sexes. Yes, in some countries, forcing curtain on women.

So, the veil is a symbol of oppression. In turn, undressing is the miracle of freedom.

So, to show freedom, let them flash, or even mooning, that’s how we protest intolerance. Flashing is an invitation to skinship. If a girl shows her nape by tossing her hair, that’s a sign. Or protruding her cleavage, playing with her necklace, that’s also a sign. That’s how they march against machismo. And I surely join them!

But no girl has flashed me in 3-D. At best, a few of them smiled at me, but just to be polite… That’s about it. They never show me any sign or miracle (in otaku jargon “flag”). I wonder if this is really the land of free… Therefore, all 3-D girls seem to be religious extremists to me. Yes, 3-D girls are under the spell of religious fundamentalism. That’s why a sleeping beauty needs otaku’s kiss to be awaken. To be the awaken one!

The extremists are trying to perpetuate male dominance more than ever. It is a backlash against feminism, women empowerment, the 70’s flower generation’s sexual revolution. Since then, extremism has been pressuring us to remain virgins until marriage. Such as Pope’s war on condom, and politics joins his holy war. Big brother, i.e., machoman, is telling us to give up our freedom. It’s so true that the government is the problem!

I thought only religions were trying to brainwash us, but now the government also joins the extremists, or the other way around, the extremists join the government, which is solely madness. Thus, the government campaigns for holy war, i.e., crusade against skinship. Inevitably, there’d be more otakus suffering from involuntary celibacy. What an injustice!

I don’t know if girls are tangible at all. I can’t really tell. They might be an illusion as well. Or delusion. I mean I can never touch them since I’m an untouchable to them. The best you can do is handshake. Unless you’re in a relationship, you can’t touch the other parts of the female body that defines femaleness and femininity, with the heavenliest sensations. Skinship is a way to attain knowledge in the book of Genesis. Yet, I can’t know them. I can’t feel them. So, 3-D is extremely cold. How can I believe 3-D girls? Touching is believing. Feeling is believing. Yet, I can’t have any faith in 3-D since I only feel coldness, and coldness is reality, because that’s what I feel.

Marx said religion serves as an escape from reality, but for me, 2-D serves as an escape from religions. Religions are making reality even tougher that has already been tough. Yes, religions are reality. Religions are in fact part of 3-D. This nation is under God. 3-D under religions. 3-D girls you can’t touch and spit at you, 2-D girls you can’t touch but smile at you. Which is better? 3-D girls or 2-D girls? Obviously, 2-D girls are better for sure!

Nessa, a tangible 2-D girl.
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