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ミコノさん、あなたと合体したい!Mikono-san, I want to unite with you!

Ah, Mikono Suzushiro of Aquarion Evol. How cute… She is purely cute and innocent. Her hairstyle is irresistibly attractive, exposing unaji (うなじ “nape”), yes, that is the traditional Japanese sexiness.

Japan didn’t really have a fashion to expose breasts, cleavage, midriff, navel, derriere, and bare legs with mini skirts. Kimono wasn’t practical enough to expose them. So, the only area they could expose was the nape. So, Japanese girls back then tied their hair as high as possible to expose their nape to a maximum. Ah, though I denied my Japaneseness for a long time, just like Smerdyakov adamantly denied his Russianness and planned to move to France, but unlike Smerdyakov, I managed to move to America, yet though living in the states for a long time, I was so shocked to see my Japaneseness got fully activated when I saw Mikono’s unaji. And that easy! It’s like, “Yabai, I’m flying!” I thought I assimilated enough in America. I thought I managed to put a permanent seal on my Japaneseness. But her unaji… Unaji-tengoku (unaji-heaven)! Ah, seems like you can take a Japanese boy out of Japan, but you can’t take Japan out of me. My self-denial has easily crumbled in the presence of Mikono-chan. My DNA fully activated. Nature vs. nurture, and the nature has prevailed!

I was reading several blogs, and this otaku says that he decided to keep watching Evol because of Mikono. He’s as dumb as I am! Now I’m so relieved to know that people who are as dumb as I am actually exist out there. And I totally understand Amata’s mousou (妄想 “fantasy”) of Mikono, ahh, a looking back beauty. Yes, Mikaeri-bijin! White doves flying behind her, ahh, that effect, she really looks like an angel! So beautiful. Divine!

Ahh, and that agapeic smile, as if she’s accepting todo de mí! Even my flaws!

Destined to meet!

Ahh. The romantic scene at a movie theater reminds me of the beauty of Cinema Paradiso. And it’s so shocking to see that gyakunan happens! And that piano BGM. So romantic! This girl is so seijun (清純 “clean pure”), but initiates dating. How can that be! Ohhhh, so utopian! Yes, 2-D! Too bad Fourier didn’t have a medium called “anime” back then. And when she says to Amata with a wink, “I’ll be waiting for you, even it takes twelve thousand years,” I was like “Oh my gosh!” I totally fell in love with her!

A boat scene at Venice, oh, un barquinho! Kyaaa, I really really want to date her!

So precious that she isn’t defiled by capitalism. She isn’t like these wily Sex And The City girls always calculating and plotting something to advance their careers. She can pure-heartedly get touched by a movie. Yes, I can tell she doesn’t have a boyfriend, since she comes to an empty movie theater by herself!  She’s not that shy, but not exuding self-confidence either. She’s rather humble or modest. A similar trait to bungaku-shōjo (literature fan girl).

She makes us realize how defiled we otakus are. We’re so vulgar, our thoughts are full of obscenity. Whenever I watch Chihayafuru, my eyes always go to Kana-chan’s oppai. She is a small girl, but why are her oppai so huge! 背がちっちゃいのに胸がでかい!Yes, like Kurono Kurumu! 体育着の揺れ乳 (Bouncing oppai with PE uniform) when karuta-club is doing a jogging routine. ああ、わが青春!Ahh, my adolescence! Obviously, we’re irredeemable by default. No question about it. That’s why we need a pure girl like Mikono-chan who can wash away all our sins with her innocence.

She’s surely our Sonya Marmeladova! Who would say to me, “We’re both dekikkonai (people who can’t believe in themselves, a defeatist attitude)”? We’re both on the same boat…the ship of fools (or sinners). Ahhh, I really want to hug her! I want to have skinship with her. I want to hold her hand and feel its softness. Tactile love = skinship (触愛). Flying Love Attack (触愛天翔突)! So, I can vicariously get in raptures over a forbidden union with Mikono! That is St. Mikono’s Ecstasy, today’s St. Theresa’s Ecstasy. Mikonolepsy, mikonomancy!

Thus, I want to unite with Mikono-chan! ミコノちゃんと合体したい!

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