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こなちゃん’s live translation from 2 ch

Without dressing this one up and wanting to show my appreciation, here are the comments こなちゃん
made to Cosplay picture post

Thank you for reading my comments!!!!
The Latest Information.
{2ch In japan time 30/12 13:12→ pm 1:12}
Real Time! Nanoha has a high popularity
a long line of people.
This sites will not able to be seen
when Response is over 1000.

(all Japanese reader)”

“「新着レスの表示」when  click,
a new response can be seen.
They are in spot.”

“They seem to be having lunch.
Some people having a rest in MacDonald?
Toho[東方] many many fans.
They are often tired by a long line of people.”

UPDATE: At today night it is to renew.)

(Nico Nico Movie) There is Live broadcast.

ambulance? Tumult? ・東方列で数えたところ、100人中18歳以下と見られるのは62人いた
(It is 62 person to be estimated at 18 years old or less in 100 people. At TOHO row.)
(One of three escalators was breaked is repairing by about five people .
A West Building2F→1F.)


A new Inn full infected person ( Not recover) is exposed in the  hall.

junior high school students and high school student’s group of young people return to a row,and they are making trouble.
Ah,this site is over.
Well, thank you very much for taking time out of your busy day, こなちゃん! We at Anime Diet deeply appreciate your hard work! See you later!
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