Strike Witches 06 – The antenna head girl with clairvoyance

Summary: Yushioka and the gang heads toward another place and they’re greeted by Sonia the night watcher girl. As they slowly encounter Sonia’s abilities Yoshioka, Ella, and Sonia are assigned to night watch duties. The Neoroids actually select a specific human target this time and the 3 faces a new opponent…

Thoughts: damn, I’m getting used to writing it like this and it certainly makes any show sounds better. But seriously? Light hearted examinations of friendship, girls love and other goodness that look much more heart warming when a cute girl tells about her family and the war.

Without any exploitation, this show wouldn’t be so impressive, but for a real male Otaku like me, this is the show for me to actually feel good and easy to watch; with just the right amount of emotional provoking stuff, fan service and female seiyuu, this isn’t really a bad watch for a real Otaku. Normals, fuck off and drown in your intellectual discussions to your uber-smart deaths! Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho!

Normals/commoners/ippanjin ABSOLUTELY NOT WELCOMED and you’re damned right I’m being prejudiced (and I’m damned proud of it). Get over it and go find another entertainment if you can’t stand this stuff.


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