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No yuri this season? WTF

レズレズじゃのう (Rezu-rezu janou “They are lesby-dovey”). Yuri-yuri-janou! Pingdrum episode 14 was surely yuriesque! Kyaaa!!! But no yuri show this fall 2011? How can that be? WTF, WTC, WTO? We need to occupy Seattle instead of Wall Street! Continue reading No yuri this season? WTF

Yuruyuri – getting it right like no one else’s business

Excuse me while I take my glasses off…

(fantasizing and nose bleeding and making a river of nose blood…)

Wow, OK. I almost died there! (Tissue, tissue…) But yes, watching such a upbeat show with awesome chemistry, not to mention having cute girls falling for each other will do that to ya. If you love yuri. It’s a great show for girls (lesbos) and boys (lesbos at heart???).

Yes, you can forget about the plot. Yes, you can throw common sense out of window. And oh yes, I wanna see Kyoko push Chinatsu-chan down and give her a wet, sloppy tongue kiss. But no, if you think this show is really like the fantasy I described, sorry but you’d better go find something else. That is actually not the reason why the show is fun.

It’s the chemistry, stupid. When four girls are having a great time (get your f’ing mind off that), chatting, walking around, doing stuff and just living their high school live without a care…well, you know, just hanging out and being natural, something charming happens. And you know, adding my favorite anime element, GL, into the mix, really makes the show go boom!

When in fact, most of the time it just goes breezing by. I mean, there are no major moments of passionate speeches, no strict catholic school manners and caste system, no serious pursuit of anyone, and for all intents and purposes, no real substance. However, it still succeeds in making me wanting to watch new episodes, and listen to the OP hundreds of thousands of times. When a show can do that, it’s doing something right.

I suck at this review thing, so this goes into the editorial category. TBH, there isn’t any solid and powerful substance like in unrelated shows like Claymore or Kara no Kyoukai (wow, the levels are totally different), so I can’t really put out a quality review article, either. But the bottomline?

This show works, folks. Unless you demand powerful substance (like on heavy days), great plots (and maybe twists) and black hole deep character developments, and hate yuri, you should give this one a try. After all, a light-hearted yuri show with neutron star heavy and solid stuff really isn’t worth watching, in my NEVER HUMBLE opinion.

Life is heavy. Go light!

BTW, a random find for pics turned up this site, which offers a great review for this show. I got my the screen cap from them: Seventh Style’s review on Yuru Yuri episode two

Forget the hippo! What a geeky gal really wants this winter!

A lot of people seem to think I’m easy for shop for, and it’s true; you can give me a ball of tin foil and I’ll be entertained for hours. Think of all you can do with tin foil! You could make a hat… or a gravy boat… or even turn it into a super cool shirt. (Nipple covers, at least. Depends how large that ball of foil is.)

Well, now that I’m going to end up with 50 balls of tin foil in my stocking here’s a list for you original gents and gems who feel like giving someone (particularly someone spiffy and silly and spacey) something especially fantastic;

High School of the Dead (1) on DVD Blue Ray and High School of the Dead (2) on DVD Blue Ray
Don’t be fooled by the gratuitous panty shots, ladies really dig this series. I know, I am one. I’ve also seen some of the straightest women in the world turn a bit yuri watching HOTD. It’s the zombies. Apocalypse never gets old and watching zombie’s brains get bashed excites women. This can be considered a gift for the receiver AND the giver.

Ready for a play date?
Saeko Busujima 1/8 Cast off Figurine
I told you, HOTD does odd things to ladies. I’d probably play with Saeko every day. Goodness, I’d post pics of her all the time too! Hah, she’d become the star of my posts. Admit it, you kinda wanna play with Saeko too!

Unfortunately, the main anime soundtrack I’d love to obtain is unavailable.
In case it ever reappears on Amazon, I’ll keep that link there.
Angel Beats! is a terrific anime that follows Maeda’s obsession with winged creatures, themes of death and renewal, as well it contains a lot of bloodshed which for a Maeda creation may be untypical, though it’s well played here. The music is at times airy, and at times it plays into the heavy hearted anime so well that it’s the breaking point between “I’m too strong to cry” and “that’s so sad, wah wah wah.” I imagine put to the background of my or another’s life, it would add an intriguing beat. Definitely would love to have some of these gorgeous piano pieces playing in my headphones.

Kompeito This is my most recent addiction, and I have to admit my favorite thing for people to do is feed into my addictions! This candy is fairly inexpensive, yet so BRIGHT and SO SO COLORFUL!!!! It tastes like pure sugar and sweetness, though a bag lasts awhile and certainly makes an impression in a candy bowl. They occasionally stock these in a grocery store near me, and I get a bunch just to have around. As well, they are one of my favorite candies to send to friends around the globe. For someone not used to the Otaku culture, it’s only strange enough to be interesting though not overwhelming enough to turn a person away before they try it out.

Hetalia is amazing in all forms. It’s a bit of history with enough caring male characters to be categorized as “BL” without being overtly yaoi-ish, and a fan base to make any con involving a Hetalia meet-up memorable. The fan fics are probably half the fun of this series, though even someone not into the subculture this series has created, if you know anyone into history they’ll get a kick out of this.

Samurai Sword Umbrella
It’s been raining for days and days in my hometown, so this super cool umbrella would be completely appropriate.

Due it being cold and gloomy, this next item may be the ultimate gift that I’ve never been given;
Silly hats for the win.

If you know anyone like me, or know me, or just like to give gifts then check the items on the list out. It’s not too late for that perfect gift!

Kuttsukiboshi OAV 1 Review

Primastea, the anime studio that created and distributed Training Together and Sleeping Together, has released a delicious yuri title, created by one guy (of course it’d only be a guy). The story is about the risky adventures of two high school girls during summer. The story has one twist; one of the two girls has the ability to move things with her mind (THE FORCE).

A good story has devices that work; a medicore story has conveniences that just happen; I believe this story is the latter. Buuut, whoever’s reading my article is not looking for an in depth and detailed analysis of story plots, devices as well as the merits of using them in the right places without failing (wut). So let’s get to the goodies.

You can get the characters’ names by searching through ANN or Wikipedia so I’m not going to bother with them. When I first set my eyes on the show, it struck me that the shapes of the heads of the girls looked oddly shaped; kinda squashed, in fact. I could tell it was a one-person-effort on a good computer, because the drawing is consistent. But the production value is also low, hence the odd head shapes as well as the not quite harmonious eyes and facial features. But there was nothing particularly unpleasant about them. Eh.

Nothing is wasted on any elaborate setup; the story gets the girls together right away. We get some nice girl on girl action with plenty of kissing, saliva swap and all that. Did I mention that the body proportions were kind odd? Oh and yes, the Force. The Force to break apart the necklace that consists of two star-shaped metalic things locked together. Of course, you know that’s going to come apart at the end of this episode, right? Since it’s a two-part OAV.

Captain Obvious has been screaming his/her lungs out miles back. Being a Yuri fan, this passes my test just fine. But other than that, I can’t remember anything that would earn high merits from me. Check it out  if you like.

P.S. Oh and yes (YES), one of the girls wears nothing underneath her school uniform skirt! Wonderful! Except we don’t get to see ANYTHING!

P.S. 2 – I didn’t realize that this show counts as a fall 2010 show.

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 2 – Oda Nobunaga he’s not

So, our fearless class leader, Oda Nobunaga the Second Yuji Sakamoto, once again comes up with a brilliant (lol) strategy, in which, being the class rep, (or I’d like to call him “Taisho” – the commander of the army), will undertake the most difficult challenge as the last person to battle.

I became teary-eyed as I remembered that scene from Gunbuster – Top no Narae, where Gunbuster rose above the ship with its arms folded (too fuckin’ cool) and “strolls” into the battle field, which was full of the remains of humanity’s last hope. Ah! That was what anime was made of (not for a lot of people it wasn’t)…

Oh. Right. It’s a major spoiler ——- ready?

Continue reading Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 2 – Oda Nobunaga he’s not

Shitsurakuen: A Tired Argument


Shitsurakuen is metafiction. However, rather than metafiction that cleverly employs existing genre tropes to make an argument, it is metafiction that simply arrives back at the starting point. Both visually and narratively, it borrows heavily from classics such as Revolutionary Girl Utena and Sailor Moon, yet fails to do anything new with the material.


The protagonist Sora is an innocent, strong-willed girl who believes in truth and justice. This essentially makes her a female iteration of the typical good-hearted male lead in shounen shows – not very smart, but with a good heart and a strong sense of right and wrong. From the get-go, she is contrasted with her more mature friend Tsuki. Tsuki has learned to accept the wickedness of the world and not fight back against it, thereby becoming a collaborator in her own oppression.

Continue reading Shitsurakuen: A Tired Argument

UVA prof finds yuri, takes pic

A University of Virginia professor was teaching to a class of 200 when he accidentally unveiled a massive drawing of two girls in an amorous embrace. A student present reported the outcome:

The teacher finally picks up the eraser. “I don’t want to erase the SOS club’s work, but I have to move on with class.”

“No!!” many voices (guys) in the crowd shout out.

“Oh come on. I’ve got a picture. I’ll put it on your tests.”

Art by Honya
Art by Honya

Reaction from the students was almost uniformly positive.

In a bizarre art-influences-life turn of events, anime blogger and artist Honya has stepped forward to claim responsibility for the drawing, which she claims is part of an ongoing series.

Anime Diet staff reacted to the event:

Moritheil: If this is the future of vandalism, the future is in good hands.


Ray: Yuri: conquering the world since 2007.

Aoi Hana 10 – my apologies

I hate that Sugimoto treats Izumi like crap and breaks Manjome’s heart. But you’ve got to remember, I’m 32 and way past my teens. Things that people did back then really were cruel, unthoughtful and immature and to an old guy, anyone who behaves that way is simply unacceptable. Though I suspect we can all be like that during some instances in our lives.

Sugimoto is rather feminine inside, but seeing her sister, who’s actually less feminine in many aspects (we see that during their interactions in the studio), she changes her hair style and becomes the “prince” female character that teenage girls in Japan always go ga-ga over. Her decision to go with masculine-femininity style influences Izumi, who has been in love with her even before her lesbian turning point.

However, Sugimoto never really loved anyone save the teacher; she’s not even a lesbian to begin with. In retrospect, her actions confuse people and give them a certain false notion about her. Being the center of attention and the star among peers can be a great thing; falsifying that image and duping (even unknowingly) people into believing it is not. However, the fault does not lie entirely on her; who doesn’t feel like maintaining the image that people truly admires? Even adults can’t get enough of that feeling of glee and pride.

She’s more confused than Manjome, who understands the situation well and knows what she wants. Manjome tells her clearly: “I’ve given up…please grow up.” But she only mutters her apologies under her breath.

But perhaps that’s what teenage folks do – being confused, unable to really apologize or sometimes even make amends. None of them is really a true villain (or that’s the way it’s supposed to be but in today’s world…), and after all, Sugimoto is just a princess who can’t grow out of her loss.

This arc ends nicely and so now I await the consummation of love between Fumi (Manjome) and Akira. I’ve been teased enough.

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