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Ultimate Ane-Moé! Yumina Oneechan!


This is a translation of M. LaMoe’s earlier Japanese article. –Mike

Ah, Yumina-oneechan! Ah, how wonderful! How pure and beautiful, graceful, modest, gentle, refined, sweet, humble, with honest poverty, a saint with kindly words, smile, and full of affection! 和顔愛語(The proverb: Kind facial expression, kindly words), she is the embodiment of it. A holy girl of the holy path is picking up a T-shirt of Bosozoku(motorcycle gangsters) who are on the evil path. What fashion sense! Yumina-oneechan, full of humor. LOL.

The Japanese language is dead nowadays, and its phonographs were Chinese character, which are now ideograms. And those are the hierographs of Yumina-oneechan’s religion. Just like Catholics use Latin, Buddhists use Sanskrit. And “Yoroshiku(best regards)” is written in Chinese character phonetically, “夜露死苦(Night, dew, death, pain)”. It’s surprising that these kind of ideograms are still alive, even though they are regarded by some as “sacred letters.”

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