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Anime Expo 2012: Yaya Han Interview

We talked to professional costume designer and cosplayer Yaya Han at the Exhibit Hall of Anime Expo 2012! Dressed as Psylocke for the day, she was generous enough to speak to us for a few minutes about her early career, her favorite costumes, why she likes cat girls so much, and what the differences are between cosplaying at an anime vs a comic convention.

You can find out more about Yaya at her website, Twitter, Facebook, and DeviantArt page. Give her some love!

Clinton and Obama Reconciled by Becoming Chibi, Caramelldansen

Now that the Democratic primary process is over and there is a clear winner, the divided party needs to get back together. And, as we know, the solution has always been becoming anime characters and dancing to a bright, chirpy, techno J-pop-sounding song. They even somehow got Clinton to wear a skirt rather than a pantsuit, which must have been some magic indeed. After this dance, we know the party will be united as one in peace-u, love-u and great justice.

Of course, if you really want a change in Washington, you need to vote for me! Obama may offer “change we can believe in,” but Ikari “Mike” Gendo offers change you will believe in–or else.

HT: Alafista. For actual anime examples of Caramelldansen, see Gundam 00, Clannad, Haruhi, and Code Geass. No actual political endorsement is implied. Except for me, of course.

If Ben Gibbard were an otaku…

…he might come up with this after watching Higurashi. (See the song this is based on, “Soul Meets Body” by Mr. Gibbard’s band Death Cab for Cutie, here.)

The singing is not 100% there–more like 95% there. But the lines scan perfectly to “Soul Meets Body,” and it’s pronounced correctly for a change. And being a fan of anime, Higurashi, and Death Cab, it’s a gratifying combination.

Thanks to Wakaranai for spotting this.

No More AX Lines Like This?


Remember that video? Well, according to the Anime News Network, Anime Expo is implementing significant changes to the way they handle lines. Here’s the details:

The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation, the parent company of Anime Expo (AX), has announced that it has hired a third-party company to oversee registration starting in 2008. Experient’s services will include a dedicated pre-registration site with group and hotel reservation options, a scannable confirmation form for quicker on-site processing of pre-registered attendees, 60 manned and 40 self-registration stations, and on-site and on-call support from Experient’s personnel.

Mike’s Take: I have just one thing to say:


Seriously. They say first impressions are everything and when one’s first impression of AX is that impossibly long line as documented above–especially for people like me who were pre-registered–and it turns out to be all too typical, too, you do not come away with the greatest con experiences. I was heartily amused by the rejoinder comment in the article here, too:

Attendees have complained about waiting in registration lines for up to three hours or longer in recent years.

[Raises hand.] Yup. Oh yes.

Now just do the same thing for the main events and concerts and you’ll be golden. I wonder how long the lines will be now. If they’re less than an hour that’s already a massive improvement. This site has some Secret Plans (c) for AX 2008 so we’ll be on the scene like we were this year to see whether this is worth anything.