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You’re Under Arrest: Full Throttle Ep 4 & 5 – Snakes on a Cop

An escaped pet snake terrorizes the police station and a car thief steals then returns a baby that was locked in a car. That’s all that happens in these two episodes. I was surprised when about halfway through episode 3 it became apparent that was the entirety of the plot. Your local news station wishes they could stretch out story ideas this long.

Super BadSnakeKitchen

I haven’t seen any more of the Full Throttle-ness from the first episode; no high speed chases or shootouts. It’s pretty much been: a small emergency occurs, the whole station gets involved, Miyuki acts girly, Natsumi acts butch, and the day is saved. Where’s the COP action??

LockerManlySnake Love

I realise Ray was right in his earlier assessments: this series is all about the character types. Honestly though, I hope they develop further. Right now Miyuki is always girly, Natsumi is always manly, Nakajima tries to be manly but wusses out, it’s up to the Chief to act indignant, and the other women in the office have their own roles.

Baby CarChild AbuseRobber Baby

I like slice of life, and I would reason that means I like stories where nothing really happens. However, that’s only if there are strong and varied character types, and it’s fun to see the interaction between them. So far I haven’t seen them stray too far from the stereotypes these characters represent.

Super BikeBaby Catch30 Years

I hope things pick up with the next couple episodes. I’m certain a series like this would have a big-explosion laden finale, but I’m not sure I can hang on that long.

You’re under arrest full throttle ep 03 – you’ve watched heart warming sitcoms, right?


That’s what happens in this episode. If it weren’t for Miyuki and Nastumi, this episode would be an infinite cliche (because it’s done infinite times in not only anime but family sitcoms).

Watching the ED, I felt that something powerful and urgent may happen at the end of this season (I can only hope), but don’t get this show wrong; this show demonstrates the tacit understanding of partners, and NOT yuri…Though personally, I’d love for them to do a yuri just for once, but thank god, these two ladies are almost Bible Belt wholesome. Hell, Nastumi’s almost like one of these Catholic muscle men on that strange Catholic show where freaky huge muscular dudes break stuff on stage and the hosts on the same stage ask the people in the audience to pray for their success (that’s conservative America for you, folks).

How absurd. But in any case, the old plot prevails and Nastumi has one of her standard duels with some powerful dude – in this case, a former wrestler who quit after an accident in a match (can we say, ‘the Nutcracker’?). Of course the episode ends with a heart warming ending where the dude get to help out the Tayaki stand…Don’t worry if you don’t get it, just watch this show when you need to feel good about life in general.

It’s these little daily things that these ladies go through that make their lives interesting and colorful. Also, they make the audience sit down, relax, maybe having a beer, and watch without worries. After all, when Miyuki and Nastumi of the Mokuto Police Department are on patrol, nothing will ultimately get out of hand.

The show returns to episodic pattern, and hence instead of a second episode slump, it’s got a 3rd episode slump that will certainly continue. If you want intrigue and long, well developed plots, this is NOT your show. But if you love the chemistry between two partners and feeling wet, hot and bothered for non-existent yuri between 2 female partners, this is definitely up yout territory.

Before I get off this one, let me tell you that wrestling is fixed. YES! It always has been (gasp!!!!!!!), I mean the pain and sore are very real, and people do get into a world of hurt, but the plot, the weapon strikes, and the “hate fest” are scripted. So if something like what happened to the wrestler dude in this episode happened in real life, his “opponent” would get suspended and possibly fired for such stupid mistake. In any case,

78% recommended for your daily anime diet. Noting really new happens to this franchise and so far, there’s no “Full Throttle” going on.

You’re under arrest full throttle ep 02 – well, another western boy who wants to be samurai, but…


It’s another charming a little episode from the many episodes of shows made from Kosuke Fujishima’s manga. I’m well aware that his stuff often seems really harmless and to some people, dull and not very exciting. In many ways that’s very true. Looking at the subtitle of this season of You’re Under Arrest – Full Throttle, and looking at what happened in the show so far, everything’s hardly bursting forward. No huge explosions, no bullet rains, no blood, and no death. In fact, I’m well aware a lot of people will probably get turned off by this.

However, blood and death aren’t what makes any work from Fujishima interesting (well, explosions are actually quite frequent in Ah! My Goddess). What make his work and the anime made from his work interesting are the little stuff about his characters – their hair, the facial features, the attitudes, the often harmless and not quite funny characters, the seemingly small and not quite so huge situations, and the “healing” (a Japanese term here) abilities his works and the anime made from his works offers.

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You’re under arrest full throttle ep 1 – No, it’s not yuri, get over it!


A little bit background info for those who know nothing about this series and manga.

This is actually the first manga for Fujishima Kousuke before he drew Ah! Megami-sama. This actually isn’t as long running as Ah! Megami-sama the manga, and it’s not as famous. It’s about two police women in traffic section and they often get into big cases and conspiracy cases. It’s intended to be light hearted and humorous.

OK, let’s talk about episode 1 as if we have never seen any other stuff on this series before.

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