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Lucky Star brings 10 Billion Yen In Revenue for Washimiya Town

Our correspondent Kona-chan (tukasakagami) just informed us that thanks to Lucky Star and its usage of the shrine at the Town of Washimyiya, Saitama, they have gained 10 billion yen in total thanks to the Lucky Star Phenomenon.

We all know that Otaku from all over Japan travels to the shrine thanks to the success of the anime. The highest number of visitors reached 450,000.

Knowing that aside from the New Years Pilgrimage, usually people don’t really care to go to shrines in Japan. But thanks to Lucky Star, the amount of visitors going to the shrine has been amazing.

A certain Mr. Sakata sold sweet buns to the visitors.

Cards of the Hiiragi sisters were sold for great success.

The number of people increased 50000 to 1400000 in ’08.

Just goes to show the power of anime, eh?

For rest of the facts and stats, see Manichi JP.

So, Japanese tree hugging hippies wins the battle for the forest.

From ANN

Miyazaki’s Group Raises 73 Million Yen to Save Forest

On October 9, famed anime director Hayao Miyazaki, along with a group of supporters, presented about 73 million yen (US$620,000) to the city of Higashimurayama to preserve what local residents are calling “Totoro’s Forest…”

Ray’s take: So the Japanese hippies win one for the day! Boy, are they gonna get some good lay with Mononoke Hime tonight! Har har har…