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Dengeki Daisy: trust and temptation of an unlikely relationship.

Dengeki Daisy
Story and Art by Kyousuke Motomi
Published by Viz Media. 192 pages. 2010. $9.99

There must be a low tolerance level to reading about the actions of a puny A-cup High School Girl and a lolicon delinquent custodian in this Daddy Longlegs-esque story. There is certainly chemistry in this highly unlikely pairing. Really, I honestly swear. I definitely want to read more, beyond the three volumes I just recently consumed. There are five more volumes available so far in Japanese.

Teru is a scholarship high school that is left alone with her brother’s death. Sure there’s a unique gang of friends who looks out for her, but she relies more on the attentions of a secret person known to her as Daisy. What is unknown to her is that Daisy is in fact very close to her. Daisy is in the form of a Kurosaki, who is determined to overwork Teru, on the basics of treating her like a servant. If you think that tsundere was a anime female characterstic, how about try it for a male character, what do they call those types anyway?

I was mostly cracking up to the insane expressions that Teru or Kurosaki gets when things don’t go their way. In spite of how much I don’t mind the funny moments of this story, sometimes the actions of Kurosaki does make me want to strangle him if he was alive. He won’t reveal his identity to Teru, and in these emo moments he reflects on an unspoken and not revealed yet reason as why he doesn’t openly confess his feelings.  Yet with all these emotional tormented scenes, (sighs) the parts when Kurosaki rescues Teru, or reveals a part of himself to her, my heart goes pitter patter.

For probably reading similarities, for a type of servant commanding apect, Zombie Loan is a good fit. For the protector and unspoken role, Wild Ones would be a similar read. For the dead brother, and age gap aspect, Loveless is also another similar read.

Poor Teru!

Ōkami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi – she can’t lead

As a rule of thumb (in my book anyway), classic anti-hero types often don’t make great leads. Unless the entire world is set up so that the story has to focus on him. In this case, the world is set up to supposed to focus on her – Okami Ryoko, that is. OK, to be fair, she’s not an anti-hero type. But yes, she’s not likable much, except by today’s otaku generation.

So, anyone out there that loved Louise in Zero no Tsukaima? If you did, did you like Asuka Langley in Eva? Are you also a Hinagiku fan? If you answered yes to all three, then congratulations, you’re this show’s target audience. By having the main character as the violent tsundere who could protect weak men (in the words of LaMoe, herbivores), this show aims to please the newtype otaku/fan .

Remember the days where giant robots piloted by men used to get the blood pumping in the veins of many fans? Well, these days are long gone. Today’s MALE anime lovers in Japan and some of them in other places in the world, prefer a strong woman, even violently strong lead with a bad and practically abusive temper. Even in the reinterpretation of classic franchises like Gundam (Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed Destiny, Gundam 00), women are increasingly becoming more and more powerful. Of course, that has been the trend in anime for many years now. Think Mononoke Hime, Naausica; western favorites like Bubblegum Crisis, Slayers and so on.

Violent female leads aren’t rare. One can even argue that Lina Inverse is a prototype of violent tsundere when it comes to her feelings toward Gourry. Fastforward a few years and we have Motoko in Love Hina (a shout out to Asakawa Yuu-san) and of course, Naru Narusegawa (a shout out to Horie Yui-san). However, none of them was your architypical tsundere – twintails, cute, blushes easily and make food or does something nice for the main male character, without beating the living crap out of him. Your arguments may vary, but the point is, none of these girls are as violent as Okami Ryoko. It seems like all the violence of all the prototype violent tsunderes has been distilled into one character.

That said, something inside me was screaming out: she doesn’t deserve to be the lead! She has be one of the more one dimensional characters in recent anime – violent, talks rough, flat chested. She’s not even all that shy and doesn’t exihibit that dare-dare moment often. But something is missing. Despite a good performance by Ito Shizuka, who was great as a supporting character in Hayate, there’s just something missing when she’s cast as the lead. She wanted Ryoshi, the shy stalker stereotype who can’t look people in the eyes, to prove his worthiness of being on the team, well, here, I want to see Ryoko proves her worthiness of being the lead.

I’m cautiously optimistic of this one.

What are you doing down there, Mr. LaMoe?

Love Azunyan!

I’ve gotta say, when I saw Azusa on K-On, I was hooked.

She’s cute, easily embarassed but somehow even more moe than Mio. I also really liked the episode when she insisted on people practicing but ended up having the most fun and that tan with the tan line was hawt!

I guess my oji-san complex is on, eh?

In any event, found these below:

Yes, I know it’s Ranka (Nakajima Ai) singing, but it’s still cool!

Wow…that was an amazing piece of fan creation. I was quite surprised that it even has a mini-plot!

This time, the entire K-On band is involved. More Ranka singing, though.

I really like this for my Azunyan fix!

Great for spacing out at work…

Mizuwhirl’s thought on K-On (a second season is coming)

and the Tsundere is HOT!

tsundere is hot

For some reason, when I saw this Google Trends search result while looking up “Tsundere Banana“, I think of Taiga Aisaka making 3 points shots from downtown and finishes her scoring streak with a gurrella slam dunk over Sakuraki Hanamichi or Shaq as either of them cringes at the red hot power of the flaming tsundere!

taiga taking ami to school
Not quite the pic I was looking for...

Taiga Aisaka is on fire!

As you can see in the screen cap on top, the hotness of tsundere is “On Fire”. One more meter to go for the Super Shadow Taiga Uppercut finishing combo, guys.

    By ~eltinidordediyablo

Let’s hope some dounjin game maker make a passion basketball fighting game with Taiga as the main character! Oh and


UPDATED Sunday, 19:53, Taipei, Taiwan Time: for some reason, now instead of the article about Tsundere Banana, this article in featured on the Google Trend Search Page!!!??? Man, I’m seriously surprised and even a little bit disturbed (see screen capture below).

Anime Diet Radio Episode 44 – What What?

You may be asking, “what what? Anime Diet Radio isn’t dead?” Nope–it just went on a break along with a good part of my real life…but here we are, the first new episode in two months! It’s been far too long since we’ve graced your ears with our filthy banter about the wacky news and roundtable debates. This time, we talk about Noriko Sakai in rehab, inappropriate Hello Kitty products, a place where you can pay a tsundere to slap you…and far too many cracks about Amy Winehouse. Yes. Really.

We also have a special guest who you may be seeing much more of in the future–a friend of ours, Rome Lamoe, who joins us on the tsundere slap session! He’s a real live Japanese otaku, from Japan, who’s on board to talk about just how much he loves to get services at maid cafes. Oh yes.

Finally, we also have the most varied roundtable section, divided into three parts, in which we take more aim at celebrities in inappropriate cosplays, maid cafe services you don’t want, and what songs would work with an X-Men shoujo musical. I’m not sure how we came up with the last topic. Believe me, if you can come up with anything stranger/better/more humiliating, write us at editor@animediet.net and we might just take the bait.

Anyways, there is already another episode after this one in the can–expect it next week. Fear not. The podcast is rising once more!

Show Order

  • (00:00) Introduction
  • (02:55) News 1: Weird Hello Kitty Products
  • (09:56) News 2: Noriko Sakai in Rehab
  • (16:14) News 3: Tsundere Slap Store (feat. Rome Lamoe)
  • (27:52) Mailbag
  • (35:54) Roundtable:
    • (38:27) Unwanted Maid Services
    • (42:01) Celebrities Who Should Not Be Maids
    • (47:29) Shoujo X-Men Soundtrack Ideas
  • (52:20) Outtro

Show Notes

  • OP: Nyandaful! (にゃんだふる!)” by Yui Sakakibara (OP to Nyan Koi!)
  • ED: One Way Ryou Omoi (ワンウェイ両想い)” by Marina Inoue and Megumi Nakajima (ED to Kampfer)
  • A whole raft of weird Hello Kitty products and their pictures can be seen at Weird Asia News [http://www.weirdasianews.com/2009/09/14/kitty-funny-weird-horrifying/].
  • The original story about Noriko Sakai in rehab was found at Japan Today [http://www.japantoday.com/category/shukan-post/view/noriko-sakai-hiding-out-in-high-security-ward-of-university-hospital].
  • The Cute Room is the subject of our third news item, and we are often referring back to a picture of the various girls there. This can be found at the story at Kotaku [http://kotaku.com/5369862/would-you-prefer-to-be-slapped-or-game-with-a-girl]. And…uhh, this is what it’s like to be slapped by one of them. [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5joJc2DbOo]