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“True Tears” Fans: OP and ED On Sale at iTunes


From ANN:

Bandai Entertainment has announced on Tuesday that music from the sola and true tears anime series are now availabe in Apple’s iTunes Store in the United States. Currently, the store offers Aira Yuki’s “Colorless Wind” and “Koi Shika Nakatta” songs from sola, and eufonius’ “Reflectia” and “Elekto” songs from true tears.

Mike’s Take: I always liked the True Tears songs, so I decided to buy the two singles (one for the OP and ED). I’ve had a very stressful past week or so, and the relaxing music was just what I needed to clear my head as I started working. To my surprise, I found myself listening to the B-sides (eufonius’s “Elekto” and Aira Yuuki’s “Soko ni Hitotsu Dake”) more than the main songs. They were the kind of soothing, fluffy pop I needed for today.

What’s actually encouraging is that this is just the beginning of a bunch of anime-related singles that Bandai and the big anisong record label, Lantis, will be releasing over the next several weeks. I remember they mentioned this deal at the Bandai panel at Comic Con, and this is just the first fruits of widely available, legal anime music in the US. Singles from Haruhi and Lucky Star are coming, among other things. As someone who remembers–and has, on occasion, purchased–$30 import CDs from Japan being the only legal way to acquire anime music, I think this is a very welcome development.

5th Day of Christmas – A Song for a Roach


This fifth installment of the ’12 moments’ series is about True Tears, which was the best show of last winter amid some rather lackluster selections. True Tears was not always the most realistic or the most well-plotted of series, but it did have good animation and took its characters seriously enough to make them more interesting than not.

One of the best parts of the show’s conclusion was the last song Shinichiro sings as he bids Noe farewell. The breakup between the two was one of the strongest parts of the entire series, because it managed to strike a good balance between the recognition that Noe had changed his life for the better and the knowledge that he really loves someone else. The show was notable for its animal analogies–roaches, chickens, among others–and at first glance they should have been too hokey to work. That they did to an extent is a testament to the relative strength of the characters.

A Kiss and A Tear: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Harem! (Part 2)

All you do is talk, talk…

This is the second part of an extensive dialogue that Owen and I conducted recently about Kimikiss and True Tears, where I ask most of the questions rather than replying. You’ll want to read the first part, where I do a lot of the talking, on his site!

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The Catchup 1: True Tears 4-7

How do I catch a falling bento?

This is the first in a series of aggregate episode reviews to make up for not having blogged regularly for such a long time…first up is True Tears, the show that more and more is becoming what Myself; Yourself should have been. It’s got the emotional drama and the character conflict, and manages to have sharp plot turns without quite making it seem as groan-worthy.

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Anime Diet Radio Episode 18 – Don’t Try This At Home

Anime Diet Radio finally graduates and comes into its maturity in this, our 18th and our first Jeremy-less episode in a while. (He had a toothache.) We’re doing DANGEROUS things that you shouldn’t try at home: like the Indonesian boy who imitated Naruto too much and spreading the Clannad virus! And we also talk about this season’s anime like Gunslinger Girl Il Teatrino, Rosario + Vampire, True Tears, Shigofumi, and They are My Noble Masters.

This was, as you will hear, recorded two weeks ago on Super Bowl Sunday. It is actually Take 2 of Episode 18, which because of computer problems described in the Introduction, we had to scrap. I still think this was a good episode, though, and I hope you’ll agree!

Erratum: the drink referred to that had a commercial in the Superbowl is not called Volt, but Amp. As you can see I did not do well in the electricity unit of high school physics. :) You can see the original Super Bowl commercial here (1). Note the warning at the bottom!

Show Order

  • –(00:00–03:36) Introduction
  • –(03:37–12:37) News 1: Indonesian Naruto Fan Strangles Self; Legislation Called For
  • –(12:38–19:47) News 2: The Clannad Virus
  • –(19:48–39:02) Mailbag
  • –(39:03–67:28) Roundtable
  • –(67:29–end) Conclusion

Show Notes

  • –OP: “Breakin’ Through” by Shūhei Kita (OP to Persona: Trinity Soul)
  • –ED: “COSMIC LOVE” by Nana Mizuki (OP to Rosario + Vampire)
  • –The original news piece about the Naruto Indonesian victim is at Anime News Network here (2).
  • –The original news piece about the Clannad virus and other Japanese prosecuted for illegal uploads is at ANN here (3).
  • –The comments for the previous episode are here.


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  • (2)http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2008-01-21/indonesian-child-dies-after-imitating-anime-character
  • (3)http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2008-01-24/3-japanese-men-arrested-charged-with-uploading-anime
  • (4)http://animediet.net/archives/3162#comments

True Tears 3 (Mike) – Sowing the Seeds of Love

Don’t eat the red snow, Shinichiro

Don’t eat the red snow, Shinichiro

Hi everyone, the blogger that my partner calls “the professional” is back from an enforced academic break, and I’m here to fulfill my duty to talk about romance shows that don’t suck…like this fine episode, which sets up some ordinary and yet emotionally compelling love drama between our principal characters. It also shows real promise in other fields as well.

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My experience of True Tears –


And it sure as hell doesn’t involve crying. Maybe I’m an insensitive bastard. Maybe I’m far too stupid to understand. Oh and, I’ve never owned a pet.

It is me or is it that harem/dating sim/graphic novel turning anime are getting desperate these days? Classics like “Snow Drop” or “X-Change” have never cared to purposely add some heavy concept into the game, where some main guy is actually a manga creator or something (believe or not, that’s been done enough times for me. Hey, I get bored very easily).

So let me get this straight, now the Japanese actually go out and take care someone who’s not even family? Just the daughter of a best friend? I thought their social responsibility stops at “family members”, even distance family members (snicker…like in games). But daughter of a best friend?

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First Look Fair: True Tears

They even put it in the production company name!

They even put it in the production company name!

The creators of this anime have gone beyond just wanting to make you cry: they put (the product of) crying in the title and promise us it will be genuine! Whether this show lives up to that title remains to be seen, but so far, I’m surprised by how good it is in spite of itself.

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