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Mawaru Pingdrum episode 12, Remember 3/20!

On March 20, 1995, the Takakura twin brothers and Ringo were born. The day of the Sarin attack on the Tokyo subway (地下鉄サリン事件). Yes, 3/20 was the first terrorist attack using gas in the world. Just like 9/11 in America, 3/20 was an apocalyptic day in Japan. Continue reading Mawaru Pingdrum episode 12, Remember 3/20!

Canaan 09 – What is love? Baby don’t hurt me…no more.

Minds unsettled.

Past revealed.

Ideals VS reality.

Crazy longings and dreams.

It’s the kind of episode that keeps one on the edge of his seat. It’s also the kind of episode that makes others begging the pain to stop.

Continue reading Canaan 09 – What is love? Baby don’t hurt me…no more.

Canaan 08 – Terroists? Really?

The “Snake” is really not a terrorist organization; it acts like another weapons merchant, or in the case of almost modern fantasy like novels, the merchant of Chaos.

It seeks to continue wars and weapons trade and all that. It’s an old concept.

Rierie didn’t appear in this episode and the episode seened kind of dull to me.

Finally, we’re getting into the core of the plot – Noto Mamiko I mean Hakko is leading everyone to her village. We get some strong hints that Canaan as well as  Hakko’s handler are the causes of the destruction of her village, far into Western China.

Is she a Uyghur? Because she, Yun-yun, and that old dude certainly don’t look like the same race. Oh well, it’s anime.

Canaan loses her omni-tracking eye and has to deal with people as any other human does for the first time. It’s very uncomfortable for her.

There are some almost lesbian scenes going on.

I’m looking forward to the next episode. This one was more of a filler for me.

Canaan 07 – I don’t really get it but…

Here’ are my thoughts:

So the Snake Syndicate released UA virus at the International Anti-Terrorism Conference, where Bill on weed the fictional President of US and the representatives from all over the world are trapped. With some manipulation, the Syndicate is betting on the US government will order the US military to do that drastic thing –

Spoilers Show
, in term, will possibly cause an international conflict and leads to a war? Is that part I of their scheme?

Part II seems to be some kind of economic manipulation. The front company of the Snake does a economic thing –

Spoilers Show
, and so…What, I don’t know.

My two issues with these schemes:

1. Just because the previous US government was disgustingly aggressive militarily doesn’t mean they would take the fictional operation shown in this show. Certainly, not the present government

Come on! Have you watched 24? Have you watched Air Force I? Have you seen all these Hollywood films? XD

Kidding aside, with more than 9 hours left, they would’ve tried something else. Seriously. There are so many talented people in US that even if the

Spoilers Show
never arrives, they would’ve figured out something. That’s not pride; that’s trusting the intelligence and the power of teamwork, US style. Most likely, if it were any other countries in the world, they’d just perform the destructive operation on the conference center.

But oh well, this is what makes Canaan the show so exciting! I Enjoyed this part.

2. I doubt the

Spoilers Show
would really cause that effect in US and abroad. Hey, we’re in a global economic crisis but the governments are working something out. But my argument is weak, I admit, in part because I didn’t study economics and don’t really know how the second part of the scheme is going to pan out.

OK, now Canaan is even more powerful than before…I mean, I always thought the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception in Tsukihime and Kara no Kyoukai was super awesome, but damn…The omni-tracking eyes that Canaan has is even better! It even interferes with electronics…somehow.

Lian has been pushed over the edge over and over again, and with her crazy obsession, there bound to be a gigantic explosion to come. Once again, Rierie does a wonderful job portraying the crazy woman. Her feelings run in a deadly, tightly stretched string, and Alphard keeps on unintentionally teasing and not caring about snapping it hard. Alphard is way too cocky and not caring about any possible consequences. In any case, Rierie wins with performance in voice acting here.

There are more plots but let’s save them for later.

Great animation as usual.