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Goddamned weak sauce season summer 2010

Why oh why am I writing like this again? Because my life sucks right now! XD Why is it when I know some smartass kid out there is going to use some internet term and patronize me and tell me that get the fuck over it? Because writing rant is fun and this century has managed to suck hairy balls EVERY SINGLE MOTHERFUCKING YEAR. Not anime-wise, thank ye gods, but life-wise and worldwise…

Ya, ya, back to summer 2010 season it is. All right, with a claymore in one hand and a can of Kirin in another, here we go.

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Sekirei Pure Engagement 03 – Kazehana get!

Yes! OH YES! Kazehana get! She totally commanded the episode and showed all her womanly charms, which made everyone else looking like girl scouts. Yukana, who we interviewed back in 07, performed outstandingly in this episode with some ass-kicking, some good ol’ fashion naked-apron loving and all the other goodies that makes a mature woman attractive – no BS, just right. As Kazehana would say, “when you love someone, you just do it.”

As ridiculous as the concept of the show is – it’s a glorified harem show – having characters with perky and fun personalities always highlights the other strengths of the show. But here’s a really important tip even for men in real life: being manly and brave even if you’re really just a powerless wuz physically really impresses the ladies. Even if they laugh at your attempts of being manly, taking charge at the appropriate times as a man should really helps. As David DeAngelo would say, women don’t feel attraction toward wussies. Constantly telling a girl how much you like her really doesn’t help. Then again, it’s an anime and it’s Sekirei, as long as you’re the main character or the right audience, what do you care? XD

Now we know Sahashi’s mom works for MBI. Interesting, so I guess of course it’s not a coincidence that somehow he gets the most Sekirei. His mom hooked him up somehow! That’s a cool mom.

The relationship dynamic between Karasuba and Musubi is quite interesting. Musubi looks very much like her minion in this episode and it seems like she’s in on some scheme that Karasuba is planning. What would it be? Is it simply just a relationship between a mentor and a student?

Man, I can’t wait to see Kazehana’s outlandish antics next episode. This show offers fun little treats every step of the way since season one and having girls that are so easy on the eyes really boosts its value. You’d have to be a harem-comedy hater to hate it.

Legend of Legendary Heroes 1 and 2 – more than what it looks

Ooh, plots, intrigue, funny characters (though admittedly, a little bit one-dimenional), interesting though rather shallow and easily constructed backstory and world view,  this one is gaining my favor so far.

Am I the only one that think Sion looks WAY TOO MUCH like Testarossa from Full Metal Panic, especially with the uniform? Watching the PV, I honestly thought he was a girl until he spoke. Also –

HOW DARE THEM KILL THE DOG! GODAMMIT, don’t kill the dog! I want to form a lynch mob for that poor creature! After all, there are animal police in NYC and yet if you get robbed or stabbed, you’re less likely to get justice. Eh. GET THOSE DOG KILLERS!

Right now, the show’s having a little trouble trying to decide to be serious or funny. The danger of going into a possibly long back story is that the story of the present day will be severely shortened (see Berserk and Tenjo Tenne). We’ll see. So far, the comedy has won me over but everything else is a little flat. Like the characters and the humor, but as for the rest…I take the first paragraph back, the plots are OK so far. I want to see how it pans out over the next few episodes.

This has the potential in funniness ala Slayers, plot depth ala Scrapped Princess and back story depth ala Berserk. But we won’t know until 4 more episodes in, I reckon.

P.S. Have been skimming through both episodes on Saturday, 11:28 AM PST. The contrast of episode 1 and 2 don’t seem that jarring after all and the story is more interesting than I firsst though. Hmm…

Ōkami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi – she can’t lead

As a rule of thumb (in my book anyway), classic anti-hero types often don’t make great leads. Unless the entire world is set up so that the story has to focus on him. In this case, the world is set up to supposed to focus on her – Okami Ryoko, that is. OK, to be fair, she’s not an anti-hero type. But yes, she’s not likable much, except by today’s otaku generation.

So, anyone out there that loved Louise in Zero no Tsukaima? If you did, did you like Asuka Langley in Eva? Are you also a Hinagiku fan? If you answered yes to all three, then congratulations, you’re this show’s target audience. By having the main character as the violent tsundere who could protect weak men (in the words of LaMoe, herbivores), this show aims to please the newtype otaku/fan .

Remember the days where giant robots piloted by men used to get the blood pumping in the veins of many fans? Well, these days are long gone. Today’s MALE anime lovers in Japan and some of them in other places in the world, prefer a strong woman, even violently strong lead with a bad and practically abusive temper. Even in the reinterpretation of classic franchises like Gundam (Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed Destiny, Gundam 00), women are increasingly becoming more and more powerful. Of course, that has been the trend in anime for many years now. Think Mononoke Hime, Naausica; western favorites like Bubblegum Crisis, Slayers and so on.

Violent female leads aren’t rare. One can even argue that Lina Inverse is a prototype of violent tsundere when it comes to her feelings toward Gourry. Fastforward a few years and we have Motoko in Love Hina (a shout out to Asakawa Yuu-san) and of course, Naru Narusegawa (a shout out to Horie Yui-san). However, none of them was your architypical tsundere – twintails, cute, blushes easily and make food or does something nice for the main male character, without beating the living crap out of him. Your arguments may vary, but the point is, none of these girls are as violent as Okami Ryoko. It seems like all the violence of all the prototype violent tsunderes has been distilled into one character.

That said, something inside me was screaming out: she doesn’t deserve to be the lead! She has be one of the more one dimensional characters in recent anime – violent, talks rough, flat chested. She’s not even all that shy and doesn’t exihibit that dare-dare moment often. But something is missing. Despite a good performance by Ito Shizuka, who was great as a supporting character in Hayate, there’s just something missing when she’s cast as the lead. She wanted Ryoshi, the shy stalker stereotype who can’t look people in the eyes, to prove his worthiness of being on the team, well, here, I want to see Ryoko proves her worthiness of being the lead.

I’m cautiously optimistic of this one.

What are you doing down there, Mr. LaMoe?

Audio Special: Anime Diet’s Summer 2010 Season Preview!

Here’s a special treat for all of you: instead of doing the usual post Ray and I decided to do an impromptu, unedited Summer 2010 audio preview! We go through every single show on Chartfag’s vaunted diagram, with some information nicked from THAT Anime Blog’s preview. So what do we think are the prospects for such shows like Seikirei 2, Highschool of the Dead, Occult Academy, and others? Listen and find out!

Again: unedited and productionless (ie, it’s not Anime Diet Radio). It’s Ray and Mike in the raw!