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Review: Lupin the 3rd vs. Detective Conan Review

Few years ago, when both Lupin the 3rd and Case Closed were airing on Adult Swim, someone over in the Cartoon Network offices had the brilliant idea to put both shows back to back in the program schedule.  Sheer genius.   This “Lupin and Conan Power Hour” as I had dubbed it, was my favorite hour of television each night.  I didn’t care if they were episodes I had already seen a few times before, each night my butt was rooted deeply into the couch, my eyes super-glued to the screen.  Two great things that went great together… like liquor and fireworks.   So when I heard the first Lupin TV special this year was going to be Lupin the 3rd Vs. Detective Conan, oh man was I stoked.   Now that I’ve seen it… well… it wasn’t bad. Continue reading Review: Lupin the 3rd vs. Detective Conan Review

Myself; Yourself 10-11: Implausible; Impossible

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M;Y Writer 1:  The anime bloggers are getting bored of all the conventional tearjerking drama. We’ve got lots of plotlines to resolve in just three more episodes. We just concluded the Higurashi rip off story, too, which was all we had left up our sleeve. Plus, the Hinako fans are getting impatient. What do we do? 

M;Y Writer 2: Oh, I know how to spice things up. Let’s add vengeful bi drama! And twincest! And teary eyed, sudden farewells that gratuitously echo scenes from episode 1 because that’ll bring ’em to tears! Watch out ef! You’re going down!!!! [pants with excitement] What do you think?

M;Y Writer 1: Uh…well, that is…surprising, to say the least. You sure they’re gonna buy that though?

M;Y Writer 2: Hey, it worked for School Days. They ate that one up!

M;Y Writer 1: Mmmmm….nice boats. [rubs hands enviously] Yeah, let’s do it.

Continue reading Myself; Yourself 10-11: Implausible; Impossible