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Magical Girl Madoka makes Shinji look brave

I dunno, man. I mean, it’s been EIGHT episodes, and she’s still hesitating. I don’t think the show will go on 26 episodes and time is running very short for Madoka to do something for her friends and herself.

I get it, no really, I get it. She and Homura met long ago and just like the Sailor Moon in the Moon Kingdom, Madoka (with a previous life) was probably brave and strong…(sure). There’s a back story and all. I mean, I get it, so can we move on please? It’s a TV show, not a real life therapy session!

Even Shinji+Eva went Berserk within 2 episodes!

I really do like the emotional plays and the angst/dorama. But even I can only take it up to my throat, and it’s threatening to overflow my mouth. Look, Kyubei is the devil. It’s bad news. The girls can’t do a thing about it. And this episode spills the beans – it reveal the big plot that all of us probably have been suspecting from the beginning, so can we start moving forward please?

Like I said, it’s not a therapy session, it’s a TV show for God’s sake!

I honestly hope Madoka does something constructive next episodes.

I love the soundtrack and especially the ED (I fucking love the ED), and I suspect that’s why I still watch this show.

Mike’s treasure cove full of his goodies…

NO, girls, not that kind of goodies. I’m talking about his old reviews, which were some of the best non-fiction pieces he had written. Click on a pic below:

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Enjoy and remember to leave comments for each if you haven’t already!