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Gundam 00 ep2 – I got hooked but pissed at the same time because…


AH!!!! It’s like Char without a mask and a Zaku pulled out a beam saber but the main Gundam uses a fucking heat blade??? What the hell?

Speaking of Zakus, the modern Gundam series really lacks something – a group of opponent mechas, which are not gundam-based, that one can root for and be impressed with.

For the UC gundam series (look it up, young’uns, if don’t know), what often helped the sale of models weren’t the gundams, it was the Zakus, the Doms, the Rick Diases, and other badass non-gundam mecha. I mean, there were good gundams but one had a choice. That’s why there are so many Zeon-followers in Gundam fandom. Because the guys with Zeon had distinctive and sometimes quirky personalities, and their mecha are often customized. For these who really know UC Gundam, who could forget the Black Tri-stars? The Golf? The RED ZAKU, gelgoog, and the Zeong? Who the fuck needs legs on a mobile suit when Char is piloting it?

Sounds silly? Well, kid, that’s a big part of the charm and flair of the UC Gundam. Gung ho men dreaming of bettering the world, even if they have to gas a whole colony to do it, but it’s not like the so-called good guys are all that honorable. In fact, watching the Zeon squad from 0083, they showed more courage than these Feddies. Even Cima Garahau was a character infinitely better than someone like that bitch Releena Peacecraft.

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Gundam 00 ep1 – unlike most of you, I was impressed.


Check it out, the characters actually acknowledge their hypocrisy! It’s like people in Gundam Wing actually wake up and say, “hey look, we’re starting to war to end a war??? As in, we’re fighting to stop fighting? What type of fucking idiom is that?”

That, my friends, was enough to impress me.

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