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Dance in the Vampire Bund 5 – the Portrait of Mina

This is an episode filled with tension, drama and intrigue…is what I’d like to say. Truth is, for a high profile show, everything in this story seems underwhelming. Why doesn’t it grab me like it should? I’ve gotten over the misfired mockery in episode one and I’ve been enjoying Mina as a character – she’s charming, strong, crafty, and quite likable in many aspects. She’d be just fine if she weren’t so loli-fied. Then again, that’s the draw point of the show – having a loli-vampire with hundreds of years of wisdom and brain power but acts like a little kid from time to time. Throw in some girly temper tandrum and fan service shots and you have a perfect moe-formula.

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Dance in the Vampire Bund 3 – Criminal

I’m not saying it’s so pleasurable to watch that it’s almost criminal; I’m rather saying that the fact I see a loli on screen practically naked during the OP eye-catcther can be constituted as criminal in some countries around the world.

My thought? What’s a little kid doing on screen? But she ain’t a little kid; she’s a few hundred years old.

Well-said. That’s why it’s animation and not real life. So on to my thoughts.

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Bakemonogatari 06 – Loli and VIOLENCE!


I could not believe my eyes when I saw the brutal ending of the episode!

My mind did register the fact that Arararararararagi (my tongue tripped) could not die.

After all, he is an immortal character.

However, I became so shocked at what happened that I was stunned for half a minute.

The mind-numbing bloody violence shut down my thinking circuit for quite a while. I was enjoying the episode as a pleasant freak comedy show while shocked at how Saito Chiwa has matured at her voice acting. Maybe she got much maturer thanks to her role in Gundam oo? But her voice acting  is great in this show and her character, Sanjogahara, is simultaneously sexy, alluring, elegant, fun in a quirky way and oh yes, still quite dangerous.

Hajikuji is such a fun and well-characterized loli, but damn, they just had to use her for fan service (as complained by The Fin at Moe Sucks). Why? She’s quite a likable child, leave her the fuck out of lolicon fantasies!

This show has been a quirky watch and for those who likes “Shinboisms” and excellent character interactions, please try it. Oh and graphic artists please don’t miss it.

Ray: “loli and violence, loli and violence, loli and violence, chichan! loli and violence, chichan!”  (singing by the way of puncolle)