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Usage of Images to reassure!

The impact of news on the Japanese earthquake and tsunami may have been getting slightly overwhelming to people, as they go on their lives. However the Japanese entertainment, and anime industry has not been stopping, although images some may lead people to agree, question, or think about how their intention is perceived as. Nothing can turn back the time to this reality, so how can people cope though?

These are only a small bit of images or news that has me thinking on their impact. Whether you think this is a positive or negative image, please take it as it is. Don’t think anything less that would possibly belittle the efforts/attempts that these images/people have.

For the first image of Full Metal Panic‘s Tessa, in a news that was shared by ANN. As an individual, and a fan of this series, I was happy to see and hear of what these Japanese industry people are doing. Yukana-Tessa’s anime seiyuu, Shoji Gatoh-FMP’s light novel author, and Shikidouji-light novel illustrator, completed those additional art work.

Second image is this representation from Arashi’s leader. Satoshi Ohno has recently starred in a Japanese drama that has adapted Fujiko Fujio’s Kaibutsu-kun manga and anime. Of course, what Ohno as Kaibutsu-kun said is intended for the kids in Japan. I am thinking about Blues Clues at this moment. >_<

Third image is from a picture shared on Twitter, of a mascot campaign. Japan has plenty of mascots, so would you feel comfortable looking at an image like this? Whether or not this is a confirmed image so, in the end a reality is quite clear, communication by an image speaks of a 1000 words. Do people feel more comfortable in knowing how images are created, and shared? On perhaps a positive note, two Fukushima reactors has been stopped safety.

Tsundere Banana – Real Life Public Rape

In case you didn’t know this already, a 15 year-old-guy, a high school freshmen, (allegedly) publiclly raped a 26-year-old woman in broad daylight in Toledo, Ohio, last week (no, it’s not quite current news).

Courtesy of CNN

I just feel that I have to say something, particularly because I enjoyed Detroit Metal City Anime and its antics. But this is…Just wrong, man.

Article by Toledo Blade

Article by the Associated Press via The San Diego Union-Tribune, LLC

Mary Mitchell’s column on Chicago Sun-Time page

Otaku no ken

Link obtains a sword

When you take up a sword, you must feel intent on cutting the enemy.

– Miyamoto Musashi, Go Rin No Sho

The Associated Press have reported a dramatic tale of self-defense with a katana:

A Johns Hopkins University student armed with a samurai sword killed a suspected burglar in a garage behind his off-campus home early Tuesday, hours after someone broke in and stole electronics.

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One step closer to Trekkie+Egoge fan’s dream come true

From Pink Tentacle

Tangible hologram projector

…University of Tokyo have developed a holographic projector that displays three-dimensional virtual objects you can feel with your bare hands…

Ray’s Take: Oh look! It’s Tasha Yar! Look, it’s Deanna Troy! Or for us otaku, look! It’s Haruhi, Mikuru, Azunyan and Mio jacking you off at the same time! Brilliant! Banzai for the Japanese, they’re making all the anime into reality!