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Anime Diet Radio Episode 27 – The Long Fall Haul

After a long, long break–this is the 27th episode of Anime Diet Radio. Which was recorded a month ago, as you’ll quickly tell when you discover how far we were in the Fall season on this one…it was employment, folks, full-time employment that did me in for about a month. But in either case, there are three news items about the weirdness of otakudom as well as a Roundtable extravaganza about ef-a tale of melodies, Ga-Rei Zero, Kuroshitsuji, Kurozuka, and Chaos;Head!

I should also note that Anime Diet Radio Episode 28 is actually in the can (recorded last week), and should be released next week.

Show Order

  • (00:00-04:37) Introduction
  • (04:38-12:00) News 1: Evangelion 2.0: “You Can (Not) Advance”
  • (12:01-18:44) News 2: Kannagi is “Pizza Hutted”
  • (18:45-26:33) News 3: Woman Threatens Parents Over Manga
  • (26:34-27:22) Roundtable: Intro
  • (27:23-31:18) Roundtable: MIke on ef-a tale of melodies
  • (31:19-38:35) Roundtable: Ray on Ga Rei Zero
  • (38:36-45:18) Roundtable: Jeremy on Kuroshitsuji
  • (45:19-55:00) Roundtable: All on Kurozuka
  • (55:01-63:23) Roundtable: All on Chaos;Head
  • (63:23-end) Conclusion

Show Notes

Web References for iTunes Listeners

  • (1) http://tinyurl.com/4ohdxv
  • (2) http://tinyurl.com/3g2nnz
  • (3) http://tinyurl.com/6yjewv