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DVD Review – Toradora: Volume 1 Premium Edition

Ryuji Takasu may look like a mean guy, due to his small fierce eyes, but in reality he is a kind-hearted teen who loves to cook and is maybe just a bit OCD when it comes to cleaning.  Unfortunately, his classmates are to frightened by his appearance to realize what a nice guy he is. It’s the start of his junior year of high school, and on the first day he runs afoul of Taiga Aisaka, a short but cute girl nicknamed “The Palm-top Tiger” due  to her ferocious attitude and temper.  After a series of misunderstandings (and KO punches from Taiga’s fist into Ryuji’s face), the two learn that each has a crush on the other’s best friend.  A pact is formed as they team up to help each other attempt to win the hearts of their respective love interests and, obviously, shenanigans ensue. Continue reading DVD Review – Toradora: Volume 1 Premium Edition