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A New Year Deserves New Site Enhancements

Notice a few things different? That’s right, I installed a whole raft of new plugins alongside the necessary security upgrade to WordPress 2.3.2. A bunch of them were more for us admins (database backup, batch category editing, and the like), but here are the ones that affect you, our dear readers:

  • Category Tree–now there’s a much, much better way to navigate the categories and subcategories our on site. The levels are collapsible, at long last, and don’t take up enormous oodles of space. Courtesy of the wp-dTree plugin.
  • Edit Your Comments–ever wished you could fix a mistake you made or add something to a comment left on our site? Well, now you can, within 15 minutes of your posting. Courtesy of WP Ajax Edit Comments plugin.
  • Related Posts–see what posts from our past might be related to the article you’re reading now! Admittedly, this doesn’t work quite as well as it should for the moment. Anyone got any clue how to fine tune it so that genuinely related posts show up? Courtesy of the Related Posts plugin.
  • Currently Blogging List–see the list of shows we are blogging for the current season in the sidebar. Made possible by ExecPHP plugin, which allows PHP code to be run on the sidebar via a widget. Will change, of course, as soon as the Winter 2008 season gets rolling.

Planned future enhancements include a horizontal drop-down menu that clearly marks the sections of our website, so you don’t have to search or go digging through hard-to-navigate archives for something you’re looking for. Also, in the longer term, the entire layout needs a refreshing.

Thanks for reading and we hope the new features will be useful to you. Let us know in the comments if there are any problems/bugs. Thanks!