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Waiting for Haruhi; or, My Anime Series Can’t Be This Original!

The howling critical reactions (and counterreactions) in the anime blogosphere about the fourth episode of Oreimo have prompted some further thought, as a follow-up to wintermuted’s last essay and my own thoughts on Oreimo 3: have many of us gotten so desperate for anything surprising in anime that we will grasp onto even the barest scraps of originality and quality? It’s almost as if we were waiting for a great series to sweep us off our feet and remind us of why we love this medium to begin with. It’s almost as if we were waiting…for another Haruhi?

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Response to the last post

It just so happened that I may have made a mistake in my last post and also I didn’t explain clearly what was going through my mind at the time (what, you mean besides being brain dead ?). First, for the shows I listed, I don’t dislike any of them, I just wished that each character would look like they were developed individually, like if someone were to change their hair style, they wouldn’t be mistaken for one another. That being said, someone pointed out that the character designs in some of the shows are really distinctive, and a good example to counter my argument was Ohran (or Ouran) Koko Host Club.

I’ve been repeatedly told by people including the co-host of this site that it’s a wonderfully funny show with great character development…Well, yeah, OK, I do watch shows with real character development once a while (Black Lagoon), rather than plain gun-them-down shows (Noir) or Moe shows (Binchotan), but anyway, I was grossly over generalizing in my last post about most anime in ’90s and beyond seems to use the same character designs for almost all the female characters. I guess I watched too many harem shows ala Shuffle, To Heart, To Heart 2, and so on.

Now with Ohran, I guess this was the kind of picture I saw when I watched previews:

So, the men and the women are designed differently, but what about men-only designs? These guys have the same shape of eyes, chin, and glittery smile. This is what I’m talking about – they ‘re build from the same mold. Where as some male or female character groups from the past would look different. Like different face shapes, different eyes, nose and so on.

There are many shows with each male character different from another male character, and a female character different from another female character, but the market is saturated with shows with characters coming out of the same mold. Now, I may like these shows, and a lot of them are certainly very good, but I just can’t help but notice that the girls share the same face.

(Just drop it man. It’s too time consuming for creators to draw really different individuals)

Well, this is a rant or a slight gripe.

(Oh, and next time go to an ’80’s blog to talk about ’80s!)


Yeah, so…this ends the filler before the episode walkthroughs.