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12 Days, 12 Moments 2010: Endless Pleasure Sticks

Or, what better phrase than Otou-san’s “endless pleasure sticks” to describe the fine, long-legged ladies of two mid-year shows, Occult Academy and Ookami-san and Her Seven Friends?
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Occult Academy 13 drives the Captain Obviouses away?

…You wanna know why a lot of popular movies are ripped to shreds (including the original Star Wars)? Because critics are cynics.

Yes, Ray declares another defeat. He ripped Occult Academy to pieces and then watched the last episode. No, the last episode isn’t super great. But at least, it kind of redeems itself.

Even if it’s just a little.

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Goddamned weak sauce season summer 2010

Why oh why am I writing like this again? Because my life sucks right now! XD Why is it when I know some smartass kid out there is going to use some internet term and patronize me and tell me that get the fuck over it? Because writing rant is fun and this century has managed to suck hairy balls EVERY SINGLE MOTHERFUCKING YEAR. Not anime-wise, thank ye gods, but life-wise and worldwise…

Ya, ya, back to summer 2010 season it is. All right, with a claymore in one hand and a can of Kirin in another, here we go.

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Occult Academy 01 – now that’s interesting

If anything, my quick impression of this show is that it feels like a type of Ghostbuster-style comedy. We have Hikasa Yoko playing Maya, who’s the daughter of the dead principal, Junichiro. Maya comes back with a vegeance and the first thing she declares is that “this shit is fake. So fake.”

Oddly enough, or perhaps not so odd, she knows too much about the occult and of course, she’s back at the damned (har har) place in order to prevent all the stuff to get out into the world. What will she do?

Like I always say, you gotta grab me with something special in the first episode. Otherwise, you need to grab me in episode 2 or 3 in order for me to give you an approval. Well, you know what? The black panties that Maya has on, her absolute area, and her seiyuu, who plays Mio in K-On are the tri-factors that earns my approval. Of course, the humor, which is similar to the ones in big features such as Summer Wars and other films really helps to bring the show up a notch.

However, I have to say, I wasn’t blown away. But that’s to be expected because this otaku’s got the moe, action and fanservice bias. Black panties are good, the absolute area is good, the manly chick is not. As for the plot, there is obviously a national organization dealing with the occult behind the scenes (think Buffy, season 5). So far, however, Maya hasn’t show any special powers and her prophecy…which was what? Yeah see, the title didn’t work for me.

So, as much I was looking forward to it (blame me for rubbung my hands and saying boy oh boy beforehand), I wasn’t 100% delighted. But the seiyuu cast is good and the voice acting is up to par. Good watch for a first episode.

The descent of the naked dude was hilarious.

By the way, whom were the 3 young girls shown at the ED? The Karen Girl’s?