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Mai Waifu

As spring approaches, Valentine’s Day is upon us, and even the most hardened anime otaku’s thoughts must turn to love.

Though some resist this destiny, I will not run, scream, or fight. I have always been of the opinion that the most important decisions are those you make in an instant and stick with for a lifetime.

Therefore, in accordance with time-honored tradition,

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KimiKiss Pure Rouge 1–Yawn

Don’t worry. Just watch this show.

I could just give this a one word review, in the words of Homer Simpson:

But I think I, Michael, owe you a little more explanation. So here it goes.

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Nodame Cantabile 8



Aww, Chiaki didn’t play the Rach 2 after all! Stresemann was apparently using it as a way to make him go away and let him take over the S Orchestra again. On the other hand, we did get to see Nodame actually playing Chopin. I love Chopin–I often listen to Chopin nocturnes and preludes when I’m working on homework and papers. I also remember trying to learn a couple too, late in my piano-playing years. I never got the hang of them.
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Nodame Cantabile 7

vlcsnap-28571 vlcsnap-28277

Actual musical animation returns! For once, they finally spared the budget to show us musicians actually bowing and hitting keys. Even if it was, in the end, all too brief.

This episode, in which Chiaki learns the value of teamwork and not-hectoring-people-until-they-cry-by-watching-a-corny-kids-anime, was silly. :)
In either case it really seems to confirm the purely comedic direction that this show has chosen to take. Not that this is bad, mind you: I’ve been looking for a genuinely funny show to watch this dismal season and this has been the only one, really. Nodame continues to amuse with her cute little noises. So does Stresemann, though we didn’t see enough of him here–though we do learn of his ultimate intentions. And Chiaki’s reaction to the kids anime, while expected, was comedy gold.

Chiaki reacts like a mature adult to the suggestion that he is like a bullying little kid.
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Nodame Cantabile 4-5

Nodame “persuading” Chiaki not to change majors in her own special way.


Hooray, the show is funny again! I felt that episodes 2 and 3 were a bit lackluster in humor (though necessary, since they introduced major characters), but the introduction of Stresemann the randy conductor really livened things up. Stresemann is not an unknown character type either in anime or, interestingly enough, in the history of classical music–which is full of pianists who wrote and played duets to hit on their duet partners and other groupie-like behavior. As episode 5 is meant to illustrate though, Stresemann is ultimately meant to be likable and have a natural feel for encouraging even mediocre musicians to do their best–a tactic I’m not sure always works for everyone but is certainly better than Chiaki’s hectoring.

Hey baby, why don’t you and me go for a little one-on-one rehearsal time?

The characters are settling into comfortable roles now, especially Nodame, who I just can’t get enough of. She’s the female version of Honey and Clover’s Shinobu Morita in many ways (glutton, undisciplined natural talent, impulsiveness, etc) and there was many a time when I had wished H&C had more Morita scenes–well, while this show isn’t nearly as dramatic as that wonderful show, it makes up for it with delicious slapstick humor–Nodame enjoying food, Nodame punching Stresemann, Nodame inviting Chiaki to bed…

Voulez-vous couchez avec moi, ce soir

I guess the only thing is that I do want to know more about these characters eventually. They fit broad comic archetypes and they play them well, but with many more episodes to go some character development would be needed to keep the momentum going. And I’d like more actual animation of musicianship–there’s way too many stills and pans during playing scenes…this is a show about music, JC Staff. I have yet to see anything that rivals Haruhi Suzumiya’s glorious concert episode in terms of accurate animation of musical playing. The bar’s been set high…perhaps they just don’t have the budget.

Oh well, as long as it’s funny and engaging as a story, I’ll continue watching. Now, back to my listening of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony…

Nodame Cantabile 1


Note: I have decided not to do plot summaries for the time being. They take me too long to do, and I have a lot of schoolwork to finish.

This show inspired so much narcissistic nostalgia in me, the review will probably be more about me than it. Oh well…

Like many other Asian-American youths, I was forced to take piano lessons as a child. I think I stuck with it a little longer than a lot of my peers, partly because I finally got the point where it stopped being a parent-enforced thing and became enjoyable. (It also helped that I started playing jazz in high school, not just the classical music staples everyone learns–some of which are featured in this anime.) I still even play once in a while, and consider myself fairly music-literate, and am thankful now for my musical education. So when I heard about an anime that would talk about classical music, hopefully in a knowledgeable way, my ears perked up. Would they get it right and maybe even inspire people to pick up an instrument, the way Yakitate Japan! got me to start breaking bread?
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