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Holy Queen’s Blade T&A Batman!

For those of us real men that crave some real feminine action (if you didn’t know this already) –
Queen’s Blade Second Season Due Soon

Krauser III’s Take: The demon king has arisen and so has his schlong! The King Kong of schlongs aches and waits impatiently for those bitches to deliver their flesh to my doorsteps! Just you wait! I shall come to new highs and Tokyo Tower won’t be the only thing getting the candy rain!

Ray’s Take: Go to T&A! Go to T&A! Go to T&A! Go to T&A!  T&A no Tamashii yo…YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! My teeth guitar won’t stop this time!

Negishi’s Take: courageous young women with agenda and motives behind their actions in the process of saving the world or dominating for their own pleasure; smart, intelligent battles and complex emotions swirling to form a tight bond among their bodies…I mean hearts and souls, not to mention fabulous fashion sense (all they need is a cup of apple tea). Highly recommended!

Krauser III’s Take 2: YES! Highly recommended for your wang! Use without discretion!

You’re under arrest full throttle ep 1 – No, it’s not yuri, get over it!


A little bit background info for those who know nothing about this series and manga.

This is actually the first manga for Fujishima Kousuke before he drew Ah! Megami-sama. This actually isn’t as long running as Ah! Megami-sama the manga, and it’s not as famous. It’s about two police women in traffic section and they often get into big cases and conspiracy cases. It’s intended to be light hearted and humorous.

OK, let’s talk about episode 1 as if we have never seen any other stuff on this series before.

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