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“Monster” to Air on the Syfy Channel


From Anime News Network:

The Ani-Monday programming schedule for the American television channel Syfy (formerly Sci Fi Channel) lists “Monster (series)” on October 12. The series will run two weekly episodes during the last three Mondays in October.

Mike’s take: A great move, I think. Monster was one of those series along with Honey and Clover and Haruhi Suzumiya that helped bring me back into anime fandom in the middle of 2006. It’s probably the longest series I’ve ever seen all the way through and is full of superb, mature writing, close character studies, and rumination on the nature of evil. It puts most anime to shame with its sophistication. At one point there was supposed to be an American remake of it but, really, what it ought to be if it has to be adapted is a long HBO series like The Wire. But now American audiences will have a chance to see what a good long-running anime series looks like that isn’t shounen fighting.

I still loathe the name change from Sci-Fi Channel to Syfy, though. Face it, folks: a name change is not going to change the fact that your biggest exposure was at Comic Con. Don’t be ashamed of your geekdom!

Shucks, China’s nuclear experiment gone awry…

From Weird Asia News Japan Section

Monster Jelly Fish Take Aim At Japan

Echizen kurage have shown up…the mass of them gathering now in the Yellow Sea off China is the biggest ever….

Ray’s Take: Man, everyone knew that Japan is the home for monsters, whether it’s dinasaurs, huge butterflies, turtles, squids, war criminals…I mean warlords, and now, Jellyfish! But actually, they’re gather in China for the biggest attack against Japan! It must be a Chinese scheme to wipe out Japan’s fishing industry! Oh no! No toro for you! XD