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Re: My prediction for this season: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

For my short prediction of this season, see here.


Dear Raymond:

Back in post #440, you wrote about what you thought was the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of this season. Well, the summer season has pretty much ended or is drawing to an end, and I must say that you were wrong. Wrong, sir, wrong!

Take the Ugly – Moetan – for example, not only it’s not dull and bland, but the staff actually packed enough drama, action, and humor in each 22-minute episode! There was enough drama that it spilled over into real life production difficulties and episode switches! As for action, what’s better than 3 moe-moe-moe girls transforming into magical girls but don’t have to fight cliched yoma? Looking through each episode closely, you should’ve realized that each episode is a perfect self-mockery of the whole situation of the genre of magical girl and the things that loli-con enjoy so much. Moetan does all that and yet still delivers enough mouth watering action for the loli-con in you. Admit, you’re loving it and that’s why you download every episode as soon as it came out on Chinese fansubs.


Clearing away the mouth-water fall, let’s talk about your choice of the Bad – Zombie Loan. Now, anime is made in Japan, and the Japanese don’t use English as their national language, do they? So it’s expected that their use of English is different. I’m saying different because linguists have in recent years, qualified a lot of different ways of expressing English as “dialects, accents, and all that”. I’m not saying Japanglish is perfect or even good English, but it sure makes strong impression on people. In the case of “Zombie Loan”, well, that actually expresses perfectly essentially what the main plot in the show is about – borrowing time but live as zombies. “Zombie Loan”, like “car loan” or other names for loans, is a great name for what it represents. You don’t make fun of “car loans” do you? Do you actually give a bad joke like: “I lost my car, can you lend me yours?” But you did joke: “I lost my zombie, can you lend me yours?” Har, har, har.

Zombie loan discusses the interesting aspect about living, namely, what counts as living for me? Do I feel alive? Sure it’s only 11 episodes and it doesn’t explore the concept completely, but that’s what the manga is for. Anime is entertainment, so no, it doesn’t have to be deep all the time. This show certainly isn’t your standard fare, I mean magical shonen that send souls into heaven with swords and guns? That’s not done that often.


Last, I’m seriously going to disagree with you on Zetsubo Sensei. It’s not “siiiick”; it’s a cynical person’s morbid humor on acid trip. That’s why you can laugh out aloud watching this show. It fits your American-style destructive cynicism. To whet the appetite of men like you, it’s even got strong fan service in the OP sequence and it serves up a harem! Admit it, Mr. Raymond, you have been longing for the blond girl to show her lush and lovely strawberry panties, her innocence pure white panties and her provocative dreamy lacey panties every time you…Ah hem. Anyway, to quote Lord of the Ring: “…there’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo… and it’s worth fighting for.” This show as a whole, denies that there’s some good in this world despite the fact it tries so hard to present that good can be done. But every episode always ends up without the light at the end of the tunnel. It always ends up with a even more cynical look of the world through darkened lenses. Yes, anime is entertainment, but it should be positive entertainment that gets people off depression/permanent cynicism/whatever (to use your way to summarizing terms).

And don’t be drinking when watching anime, jeez. That makes all your reviews cynical, critical, sarcastic, and downright negative.

Anyway, thanks for reading this letter and I hope to see more positive reviews from you next.


The darkest recesses of your Dark Side.

Moetan 7 – some plot improvement and more anime reference.


Anime references in shows that try to be funny aren’t new these days. Still, Moetan makes fun of the maho shojo stereotypes. But you know what? I think its selling points are still the delightful moe moe loli girls, and that awful English. Oh, and don’t forget the little detective Conan work and some love lost.

We see school festival, we see the newest idol sensation Alice-chan, and then we see theBunny Girl Alice. Gee, if the show made fun of the fact that maho shojo don’t really look different from before, then tell me why Ink-chan and Sumi-chan just can’t seem to figure out that Alice-chan is Bunny Maho Shojo Alice?

Ark-kun finally manages to do something truly smart – he figures out Alice’s tricks based on how well he knows Ink (damn, Ink knows he’s ecchi, but she keeps him inside her room anyways, huh).


Beyond that, the usual stuff are there. Ink’s transformation (covered, damnit!), Sumi plays the friend who pretends to dislike Ink. The two adventures inside the school grounds and solve some puzzles, all of which really has something to do with how Alice feels about Ark-kun when he was a handsome magician, and she was a beautiful female magician – not a loli type. Or at least that’s what it looks like.

For the “awesome” English “lesson” at the end, just see the episode yourself. However, to save yourself sometime rather than watching this show – if that’s what you want, then go get a copy of the Moetan English book. This show is great for what it is – kind of an parody of other anime, and kind of a English based parody making fun of all stereotypes in the anime related world, but for anyone who’s new to anime this may prove to be rather dull and uninspired.


71% to 86% recommend for your daily anime diet depending on your tastes.

Some small news about Moetan – next episode is 5.5 and

Not 6. It wasn’t explained what happened clearly what happened (a lot of things have happened, as the author of the article stated) but apparently, the next episode for broadcast will be “すみと瑠璃子のもえたんダイアリー” or (pardon my poor Japanese translation ability), “It’s completed! Ruruko’s Moetan diary-(Ruruko’s moetan diary is done)”, instead of the originally scheduled “始めてのデート” or “The date begins! (The date starts?)”. The current episode is going to be episode 5.5. The original episode 6 will be on the DVD when it comes out. Source in Japanese: http://ink-chan.at.webry.info/200708/article_2.html

Moetan actually is Trek-intelligent? Uso! That means IT’S A LIE!

time-warp.jpgthe-past.jpgRuining future rival’s interst in English

Um, so QUANTUM MECHANICAL PARADOX works in Moetan, too! Interesting (Data’s tone)! Fascinating (Spock’s Tone)! Just with a little help of magic, Pastel Ink actually goes back to the past anbd shapes her crush into a gamer (rather than being a healthy young man who goes outside playing sports and dating different but well endowed or at least better developed women) and her rival into an English idiot (so that in the society, she wouldn’t be a possible rival/competitor for Ink-chan’s possible future job!). Amazing!


…What, you didn’t think I was going to really review this crappy show, were you? If I were to give a daily recommendation I’ll give a supremely ultra generous 50% daily recommendation. Yes, I’m still watching it, but that’s because I’m finding my feet growing membranes between the toes and my mouth (bill) becoming longer and flatter.Oh yeah, and I quack a lot these days, I wonder why?

(Ink-chan’s cute little pinkish colored butt cheeks! BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI!) (My drooling just flooded Taiwan) AHHHH HUMMMM!

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?Me…I mean, duck!Loli-con’s dream girl.

What? She’s supposed to be 17, right?

Seriously. 45% recommended for your daily anime diet unless you have speical needs. If that’s the case then have loads of fun (and I mean loads)!