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It Came From Netflix – Rin: Daughter of Mnemosyne – Disc 1

You remember when anime was weird?  Anime used to be weird, didn’t it?  Especially from the 1980’s through the 1990’s, and that’s not just an exaggeration.  I mean, think about it: the first time you saw Akira?  Weird.  Ghost in the Shell?  Weird.  Or maybe Evangelion?  Holy crap weird.   At the risk of waxing nostalgically, I remember when I first started watching anime.  The plots, 9 times out of 10, were nearly incoherent on a first viewing, involving blood spurting like bodies were constricted water balloons, and more often than not a naked girl.  Sure, the girls still get naked sometimes now, and other times you see the occasional blood geyser depending on the show, but mostly the weird plots have faded away replaced by more conventional territory of traditional comedy, horror, or drama.  You can watch most modern anime movies/shows only once and “get” them.  I sometimes wonder if this change is one of the reasons the anime industry is hurting at the moment, but I digress.

Rin: Daughter of Mnemosyne is weird.  Really weird.  Additionally there are ample amounts of blood and nudity.  At times, it feels like a throwback to those anime I used to watch that left me scratching my head before rewinding the VHS (am I dating myself?) hoping it’s clearer the second time through.  I’m not saying that is a bad thing.  Nope.  Not at all.  This anime, while it was made in 2008, feels like something from a bygone era of anime that is greatly missed.

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Ray’s Top Ten List from the Last Decade

Disclaimer: I never liked making a top 10 list because I watch shows from a varieties of genres and I believe that comparing them on the same level playing field is vastly unjustified. But as a tradition, I made mine. Merits? What merits?

Without any fancy blogwork or word wizardry, here’s my top ten for the last decade.

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Mnemosyne ep 1 – sexy supernatual/sci fi thriller with an immortal female detective that’s not quite hard boiled.


Finally I saw it.

From the preview  I really had no idea that Noto Mamiko’s character is playing a private detective. The preview gave very little information and it gave mostly stimulations to the viewers, with Mamiko-chan’s breathy voice as the narrator. Onto the review of the actual first ep.

I gotta tell ya, I’m kinda hooked. Even without all that flare that Ergo Proxy tried to show, or the big action scenes that GitS offers with some heavy concepts on the side, this show still offers solid elements right for older people to watch. No teenage angst, no high school drama, no pointless moe elements ruining plots, no pretentious supernatually powered protagonist being all traumatized, no huge breasted women fighting over some guy. None of that.

Instead, what we have is a sexy thriller that deliver concepts that could come out of B films, but very nicely shot B films nonetheless.

As many Japanese works before it, it’s a mix of undead, genetic manipulation, pain, torture, women against women, and all that.

Our heroine, Rin, drinks, fights, and thinks like a hardboiled detective, but her voice simply doesn’t make that work. I think her as a softened up major (GitS).

She’s an immortal character who has stumbled into a certain scientific research that involves human genome manipulation and resident evil like zombies. Oh, and don’t forget her enemy of the first episode, Sayaro, who’s like a goth torturer with piercing fetish – on her victim, that is.

But that won’t work against an immortal. I wonder if the only way to kill Rin is to cut off her head?

As GitS, this show’s animation is impeccable. All movements are real and well-choregraphed, and the characters are hardened, mature adults, well, except Kugiyama Rie’s Mimi. The music perfectly represents the left over tail of 80’s music – the early 1990’s in Japan, which is where the story takes place. As Rin, Mimi, and others who are immortal, I get the feeling the era will change. I don’t know.

The show hooks me with the right amount of fan service, adult interactions (I mean like people over 20 interacting), not quite fresh but still interesting plots about cloning and conflicts between the bounty hunter and the detective, and some odd Japanese-style supernatural elements added in. I’ll definitely watch it again when the next episode comes out on March 2nd.

One last thing, this show definitely tries to play like a regular TV series. It’s 45 minutes long without the commercials, which is like a regular hour-long drama on American TV. I’d say the pacing works just fine and I wasn’t bored at all. This could very well be an American Sci-Fi show.

Or a B film with big budget that plays late at night. But thanks to the seiyuu, I’m going to rate this one very high and I enjoyed it.

Hehehehehee….butt…nipples…yeeeew! Piercings!

Yep. This is definitely rated R for mature audiences.

Michael’s Official Winter 2008 Preview

So…what am I going to be watching next season? I’ve now done this exercise enough that I know the shows I often find interesting from the plot summaries are not necessarily the things I will actually blog about. But here’s what I find eye-catching for the moment. (Information taken primarily from hashihime’s brilliant and useful list. He serves the fan community very well.)

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Ray’s impression after seeing the trailor for Mnemosyne. Mnemosyne -ムネモシュネの娘たち – onesan-tachi TO Boin’


Yeah, bonerfide indeed. But fortunately (or thankfully) that doesn’t seem to be all there is to this show.

For a complete description, go here and here. When I first saw the description, I knew I had to check it out. The trailer certainly didn’t fail to impress me. Not only the story looks like cyberpunk without the machines, but it also seems to infuse elements from horror/survival games, spy elements, psychological examination, action, women fighting, some sexual elements, and a cast that includes Tanaka Rie and Kugimiya Rie (Rie VS Rie Team), and Noto Mamiko. Here, Noto Mamiko’s sexy and breathy voice fits perfectly as she talks about the story.

Looking at the background, I got a sense of the city in GitS, except in an older sense – it’s as if this story in a sense could take place about 50 years before the world of Ghost in the Shell begins. The soundtrack in the beginning is amazing. It gave me a sense closer to Silent Hill than resident evil. There doesn’t seem to be any creepy or scary things jumping out at me, but the creepy factor comes from the odd observation that Rin Asōgi is making.

The second half of the trailer offers something that I personally likes – adult (not AV) like themes like sexy torture, girls fighting and other finger-licking goodness…Oh wait, that is kind of like AV…Well, maybe an action/thriller graphic novel game.

In some senses, take away the creepy music in the first half and this simply appears to be a sexy thriller and not much else. I certainly didn’t understand the flying “balls” (saying spheres is no fun) with some strange elements inside. Are these Ether particles? Are they some kind of spirits? Are they mutated Dragon Balls? Who knows!

The entire trailer gives off a spy/supernatural/thriller graphic novel animated feeling. But with this cast, and more mature themes and no school boys and girls but mature men and women…and women…and sexy torture (yep, maturity tastes goooood…Wow that sounded creepy)…Ahem. Action and intrigue, I think we have winner on our hands. At least I’ll be following this one (I can hear “cliched” from some of ya, but we’ll see).

P.S. I wonder if this would have something similar to that movie “Memento?”