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Wreck-It Ralph, champion for the wretched idiots

Wow, usually I don’t really watch Disney, since it’s a imperialist corporation, Mickey Mouse patent law and all that. But so many friends were talking about it, and they were my anime friends who strongly recommended this film to me, so I decided to give it a try. So, I went to an AMC theater all alone by myself, and when the film started, oh man, I felt America was the greatest country on earth. That visual, my gosh, if Japanese anime is the greatest 2D animation in the world, I think America excels in 3D films. Just the introduction of Disney clip blew me away. It’s the same feeling that Yasujiro Ozu had when he saw Gone With The Wind in Singapore during WWII. He then was convinced that Japan didn’t stand a chance of winning the war against America. Yes, China is rising to the top now, but I think from watching American films, that would be way ahead.

So, at the AMC theatre, I saw a lot of children there, oh yes, Disney films are family oriented, and I saw a handful of little girls too, yes, real lolis! I saw some of them grabbing a hand of her father. Man, he must be a very happy man. I want to have a daughter! And yes, I saw a young man accompanying a little girl. Could he be her cousin, or onii-chan??? He must be a happy man too! I wish I had a sister! Ahh, why wasn’t I surrounded with female relatives that were younger than my age? Lack of sisters and she-cousins, or nieces, that was detrimental to my developmental psychology, which pushed me into a corner and turned me into a kimoi otaku, yes, kimo-ota. So, I have to make up my past life with over-dose of moe. That’s the only way I can make up my paradise lost: seishun (youth).

Ralph and Vanellope.

So, here it is, Wreck-It Ralph. Yes, Ralph is a huge guy plays a bad guy, not sexually attractive, but he helps out Vanellope, a glitch girl, to be in the NASCAR race. Yes, Ralph reminds me of One from The City Of The Lost Children, a French film made by the same director who did Amélie. Yes, One and Ralph are both dumb, but have really a wonderful onii-chan personality. Yes, that’s why City of Lost Children is so awesome, because that film has a loli called Miette, probably the cutest yōjo I’ve ever seen in 3D. Yes, One becomes a onii-chan figure to Miet, helping her get out of the trouble. And she was among the early 20th century proletarian kids, and as a proletarian boy, I feel really close to that loli, Miette. So, I want to be her onii-chan also!

One and Miette.

Oh yes, people with weak intellectual faculty. I myself is a slow learner, but not slow enough to be qualified for learning disability. Yes, it’s really tough. You’re way lower than the average, but not bad enough to be cared and protected as disability. It’s like some county healthcare system. You’re clearly not a middle class, you’re a low wage earner, but your income is not low enough to apply for healthcare. Yes, a handful of these people have a wonderful personality, and they usually do well on job interviews. So, they usually leave a good impression on interviewers, but once they start working, they end up getting fired in the first three days. It’s horrible.

A slow person will understand if you take time to explain and go through step by step. But the business world is like an airplane, it can’t slow down, otherwise it goes stall and at worst a plane crash. That’s what market economy is. I mean capitalism. So, socialism is better for the way lower than average but not at the bottom folks. And that’s why I feel Wreck It Ralph champions them. Yes, Ralph is our hero indeed!

Yes, just like business, girls are just impatient as well, so we do bad on dating. Within next three days, no more phone calls. But too bad Social Security doesn’t have dating disability. I could have applied one. I just wish that girls were more socialistic… Yes, in the business and dating world, even if there are helps from temp agencies and wing men and women, yes, matchmakers in business and dating, we do poorly. And Do It Yourself, you’re on your own, totally individualistic society like America and Japan (post-Koizumi). These make it even tougher.

And that’s what bossa nova is all about. Desafinado (out of tune). That song is about a loser who can’t play guitar and sing well, so he fails to impress any girl with his rustic music skills, but he says to one girl, “Though my song is out of pitch, look at my heart. My heart is in harmony.” Yeah, what counts is the heart, girl! But reality doesn’t go like that, clumsy chumps can’t get any, both money and women…

So, we need romantic socialism, or more crudely, sexual socialism, which is moe for me, well, I guess we don’t do well on sexuality, probably until I would be born ikemen in my next life. Marriage would be beyond my dream, so a sister figure is a good alternative for us. Sister is a partner by default, not sexually, but familially. Marriage is a contract, you need to fight to earn it, yet it’s breakable too. But imouto, both biological and spiritual, is unbreakable. That eternal bond is what we otakus probably want the most.

And yes, if my sister is happy, pursuing career, or having a good spouse, raising healthy kids, that would make my day. I mean in any form it takes if she’s healthy and happy, I’m good. I don’t need a spouse myself. I think Tora-san had that sense of security as onii-chan. And that kind of love was what Ralph was showing to a glitch girl, which was spectacular. Just admirable.

Yes, Ralph and One were onii-chan figures indeed. As well in Japan, we had Tora-san and Naked General. Nietzsche claimed Master Morality, but we otakus claim Onii-chan Morality, and Ralph and One are the embodiment of that. So, with loli and imouto, we will save the world! Imouto is our salvation!

First they came for the lolis

The whole principle is wrong; it’s like demanding that grown men live on skim milk because the baby can’t eat steak.

– Robert Heinlein (commonly attributed to Mark Twain)

Fans raged on twitter and IRC channels today as FUNimation announced that Dance in the Vampire Bund DVDs would be released censored. Ordinarily, broadcast versions of risque anime are censored, and DVD versions contain the full content as an extra enticement for fans to purchase the DVDs. In an age of increasing backlash against the sexualization of minors, however, FUNimation may be feeling the pressure to conform to Western social norms.

The announcement was made at the official FUNimation blog:

After viewing the unedited as well as the Japanese broadcast edit of the series Dance in the Vampire Bund, we have determined the series contains controversial elements which, when taken out of context, could be objectionable to some audiences.

With this in mind and with approval of the licensor, we will edit select scenes from the series in streaming and home entertainment release. These are scenes which are inappropriate for U.S. viewing and are not essential to the storyline.

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Dance in the Vampire Bund 3 – Criminal

I’m not saying it’s so pleasurable to watch that it’s almost criminal; I’m rather saying that the fact I see a loli on screen practically naked during the OP eye-catcther can be constituted as criminal in some countries around the world.

My thought? What’s a little kid doing on screen? But she ain’t a little kid; she’s a few hundred years old.

Well-said. That’s why it’s animation and not real life. So on to my thoughts.

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A Rambling Conversation about the Winter 2010 Season

Or, what happens when Ray (rayyhum777) and Mike (sarethiii) start talking. An (relatively) unedited transcript–it’s us, in the raw! And this is all the winter preview you people are gonna get!

For reference, see Chartfag’s table of the upcoming season as well as the link referenced below.

rayyhum777: http://brianandrew.wordpress.com/2009/11/24/winter-2010-anime-season-preview/
rayyhum777: check out Seikon no Quasar

sarethiii: gainax is doing a show about kindergarten?

rayyhum777: oh that.
rayyhum777: yeah.
rayyhum777: I haven’t read the manga.
rayyhum777: it’s about little kids, really little kids…and it creeps me out.
rayyhum777: there is a reason I didn’t mention it.
rayyhum777: because I fear this may be moe to the degree of pure pukeage.

sarethiii: hah. ic

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MangaGamer sparks outrage over Soul Link

Game publisher MangaGamer announced Soul Link CGs would be removed, leading to cries of hypocrisy over their initial plans to produce an “uncensored” version.

A total of 6 CGs from the game will be removed due to having an arguably underage looking character naked.


Comments so far have been unilaterally negative:

“I fear Mangagamer intends to take the censorship even further than JAST.”

“Decisions such as [this] will cause your fanbase to turn against you.”

“It’s taken a good 2 years (or more) and tons of bad translations and delays for Manga Gamer to establish the reputation that they have right now and virtually overnight, with the announcement of “censorship” it’s on the brink of shattering.”

Several countries view attempts to sexualize underage persons with alarm, and Anime Diet has previously reported on efforts in the United Kingdom and the Philippines to ban all works that portray minors in a sexual context. It is unclear what laws, if any, would be applicable in the United States, where such works are legal, provided no actual children were used in their making.  Still, the official MangaGamer website prominently features a young girl as its welcoming image, indicating the company intends to court loli eroge buyers.

MangaGamer is better known in some circles for its upcoming release of Higurashi no Naku Kokoro ni, scheduled December 15th.

Yomeiro Choice – a poor choice

Yomeiro Choice is all about excuses.

Sakuraga finds excuses to ditch girls and avoid relationships. His female friends find excuses to spend time with him and/or avoid confronting their own feelings. His time-traveling future daughters (yes, that’s right) try to find excuses for him to get their mothers teen pregnant in the present. Mangaka Tenkla uses this improbable setup to justify a ream of fanservice and visual gags.


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Bakemonogatari 11 – I’m in Despair!

Doom! Doom! Doom! Doom! I’m in despair! I’m in despair that this show is finally admitting of being a harem show!

Oh boy, Segoku’s the appearance in this episode really doesn’t serve any purpose at all. I mean, if you think it does then please tell me, but the way I see it, Sengoku Nadeko shows up to be a loli moe service blob and Araragi just acts out (almost) the desire that all Japanese school girl lovers need to express. Oh and don’t forget, Shinobu or whatever her real name is, stares at Senjogahara and Sengoku with jealous eyes but gazes at Araragi and Oshino with loving eyes!

Like a good young, innocent harem girl, Nadeko simply doesn’t seem to understand how close she is to be raeped by him.

Doom! Doom! Doom! Doom! I’m in despair! I’m in despair because the most interesting character isn’t showing up again!

Um…Senjogahara has to be the most interesting character in this show with her charming wit, whether you’re FASCINATED with her or not (I’m OK), but she isn’t here again. I think her seiyuu, Saito Chiwa, is sick and can perform. Unless the story calls SJgR to be absent and then come back to question all Araragi’s acts shared with all the other girls or calls her to act like Akari from To Heart one anime, I think something smells like cat’s poo here.

So. I was wrong about Tsubasa’s vast knowledge has something to do with a monster. We see a more serious problem – a problem that doesn’t seem to make sense at all to me – that her mom’s new husband and her dad’s new wife are her parents now. If that isn’t bad enough, they’re Japanese people in the harsh society they’re in. Or to put it precisely, the weight falls squarely on Tsubasa’s shoulders. She’s a child with potentially “problematic” family and God knows how many jeers and snickers she has heard from others? But she was inspired to be an excellent student and she probably worked her ass off while enduring stress from all directions.

However, the issue lies deep within her family. One smack on the face may be the indication that there has been many more abuses; or it may not. It is anime so take everything with a grain of salt. FYI, parents in Asia used to exert more physical punishments on their kids, at least in Taiwan, and most kids grew up OK. But in any case…

Hanekawa Tsubasa’s story happened before Senjogahara’s story, and you know, not too much unlike a certain murderous anime romance story, Tsubasa has been doing all she can to help Araragi and Senjogahara to be together and stay together. But as this is a harem show at the core – serious themes or not (harem shows can have very serious themes), you know that she likes Ararararagi’s too.

Her stressed had already exploded during Golden Week. But her headaches haven’t gone away.

Enjoy Hoc-chan’s performance, please.

Because there are so many cats, is it possible that the Cat monster hasn’t gone away for good?

Is this a real disease in her head?

Additional notes: imitating Gainax, this episode has some parts that purposely avoided having to animate character’s lips and other delicate parts. And because it’s imitating Gainax, some of those shots seem to be make sense but for any Evatard out there, as soon as you see those shots/scenes, you’ll begin to wonder.

Play your own version of the music when the hero getting the important item in a game like Zelda, Final Fantasy, etc during the scene where Araragi Koyomi gets the bloomer and Japanese school girl swimsuit for maximum fun~oh and if you have some girls’ intimate wear, please sniff and play with them for maximum humor!

Also, why explain in large texts that a flashback is a flashback? Are we stupid? No. As they say in writing, Show, don’t tell. Flashing texts and all just gets really annoying after a while. What the hell is the point? Because of the last episode, I have been in despair and I can’t trust them at all!

This is what I would love to see – all the bakemono fights over Arararararanenenenennyanyanyanyanonononononunununununyonyonyonyonyonenenenenegi Koyomi in a bakemono-death match in oil and jello! AWESOME! Get sumu get sumu get sumu!

Kanamemo 11 – Getting sick

In today’s episode, one by one, half of the gang falls sick, possibly due to the flu but we don’t know that. The entire episode is filled with poor little Kana running around worrying about people and sick bishojo as well as some fan services in thoughts. In the second half, Kana gets sick and we find out why is it that she just does so much – she’s insecure about her place in this delivery agency; it is her belief that if she becomes less useful for whatever reason, she’ll be abandoned behind and the feeling of loneliness when her grandmother passed away will return.

It’s not a emotionally heavy show and so that there isn’t a huge explosion of feeling nor does it explore feelings deeply. But Kana wonders if she can be an independent person while harboring insecurities about her ability to contribute to the group. All in all, a standard Japanese fear being presented with moe blobs.

If anyone actually watches this show, don’t think, feel. For all the lolicons out there, enjoy the loli moe blob running around.

Kanamemo 09 – lolis and dogs

For all you loli fans out there, you may want to wait for the DVD to come out, but in any case…

Today, we get to learn about Mika’s dere-dere side concerning dogs. It’s really a cute and a small heart warming story being told by a girl. What could be better than that?

For anyone who was waiting for Haruka to get her way with the two prime lolis, you may become disappointed. She is tied up and never gets to either of them.

This is one of those healing episodes where girls spend time with a dog and all feminine cuteness radiates throughout the episode.

Oh, and Kana thinks she needs to go on a diet because her butt is bigger but her chest isn’t (thanks to Haruka keeping tab on these things), and she decides to get on a diet. Yume and Yuki encourages and finds a way for her to get on a “healthier” diet, which involves wearing a Disney-esque costume and delivering newspaper in the heat.

For all the scenes of Kana in her undies and even ripping open her shorts, please say: “DVD.”

Next item…

Kanamemo 06 – Go to lolicon! Go to lolicon!

Nothing beats escaping from reality and this show delivers the goods. We have a female loli-con and now not two but three lolis, one played by Kugimiya Rie. I’m not into lolis but hey, female kids are much cuter than male kids, whom I’ve seen running amok being annoying. But for those of you who craves lolis, how’s a tsundere loli sound?

I’ve never understood why some people would categorize this show as a fan service show except for the public bathhouse episode, which they censored all the goodies on the version I saw. However, after watching this episode and reading into the sick-minds interesting insights from some folks, I came to realize why.

Seeing poor little Kana being scared, squirming and the like all the while needing a lot of help (perhaps from some Otaku ojisans in the audience) really did make me go, “aw, how cute.”

This time, Haruka, the Horie Yui character (my, look how far she has fallen) gets to hug and squeeze both Kana and Mika, the Kugimi character. That was such a treat.

I wanna hug you and squeeze you and love and get fuzzy wuzzy with you!

Maybe we guys just like to see women all scared and vulnerable over little things like lighting and cats in the dark?

Oh and for those of you lolicons who hasn’t seen the part, if you cared, Kana goes to the bathroom and you will get to see her in there.

I pass. Moving on…