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Michael’s 2007 Diet Awards, Part 2: The Losers

So…what shows and movies deserve a place in the hall of shame rather than the hall of fame? Since I tend to give up on shows I dislike very quickly, it’s shorter than the winners’ list. But we’ve still got plenty to populate this, the first annual Diet Demerits!

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Kyoshiro 8 eps details

Last time Kuu got butt naked and tried to seduce Kyoshiro and told him she would do anything for him. Do girls really do that in real life or is this just an episode catered to male Otaku’s fantasy, as opposed to episodes catered to female Otaku’s fantasy?

So we learned that Kuu is an Absolute Angel, but she can’t get her power out, and that Kyoshiro’s older brother may not be so great, according to Mika, Kyoshiro’s older sister. This makes me miss Jerry Springer – I can see it now, if Springer were still on – “A Good Older Brother healing the world with lots of women, or a Evil Brother destroying the world and scoring with lots of women.” Anyway, onto the episode 8 details. Consider the spoiler alert is in effect starting below…
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Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora 7

Since it’s Chinese New Year (or maybe it should be changed to Taiwanese New Year…sorry, local politics), and I’ve got some time, I’ll do the episode description of Kyoshiro eps. 7. Please consider that the spoiler alert will be in effect when you start reading the paragraph below.

Previously, on Kyshiro (eps 6), Kuu is once again kidnapped by Chikane the Miko of the Moon… I meant Kaon with the Murakame sword.
This time she is brought before Ayanokoji Mika,

who’s the older sister of Kyoshiro. Then a “shocking” secret is revealed that Kuu is (dum roll please…) an absolute Angel!

Ka-tang! So Kyoshiro will have to destroy her, too? As we were pondering on this, Kyoshiro comes with Setuna and attempts to save Kuu, of course he doesn’t come right away, but he sent Setuna (poor girl can’t help herself but wanting to be used by him) to trick Batras to follow her, and so with Batra’s unwillingly help, they save Kuu. We also learn of an important thing about Kyoshiro’s “perfect” older brother – that he may have been just as bad as Mika and others. Anyway, on with the eps 7 details:
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