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Bamboo Blade 3 – I want to see more of Houko-chan!


So far, the most surprising character has to be Miya-Miya/Miyazaki Miyako, played by Kuwashima Houko-chan. I just can’t help but love the type of character she plays – seemingly sweet, innocent and good natured, but in reality dark, vengeful, scheming, and almost evil. With that fresh ojo-san voice, angelic face, and black heart, how can I not admire her?

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Bamboo Blade, Episode 2


It’s nice to hold on to a dream.

I wonder how many male otaku, anime fans or Sentai fans dreamed of women who like the same thing as they do? As the “Otaku” legend would have it?

How likely is it that some girl would actually watch and love, no not like, love Sentai shows, and then decides to be a hero/champion of justice unless she was born a lesbian?

You have to forgive my prejudice and my stereotypical perception of women, I’m American with a heavy dose of cynicism.

In any case, Tamaki, with her sense of justice and that “burning flame for the peace and smile” for the humanity” despite her poker-face look, decides to fight the older kendo student.

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